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Parts by Number for Variable Speed DC Gear Motor Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PM1875BTFI PLC Radwell Boston Gear Not Provided DC MOTOR 3/4HP 1725RPM VARIABLE SPEED PM1875BTF-I
PM1875ATFI PLC Radwell Boston Gear Not Provided DC MOTOR 3/4HP 1725RPM VARIABLE SPEED PM1875ATF-I
PM1875TFB PLC Radwell Boston Gear Not Provided DC MOTOR 3/4HP VARIABLE SPEED PM1875TF-B

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  • Replacing a Mechanical Adjustable Speed Drive with a Variable Speed Drive
    motor is connected to a variable diameter sheave (item A in Figure 1) that transmits power through a belt to another variable diameter sheave (Item B). An internal gearbox can then be used to further reduce speed as necessary. The variable sheave/belt assembly will act as a reduction gear up
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Motors
    Two-wire brushless dc motors are available in a variety of configurations. Models with fixed- or variable-speed operation that can achieve approximately 30,000 rpm can be supplied; open- or closed-loop speed control is also offered. Some of the motors include the company's proprietary reverse polarity
  • Empowering Proper Selection of Motor Technology
    range of loads, whether loads are constant, variable, high intermittent peak, or unpredictable. • Relative Physical Size and Power Density. High thermal impedance in PM brush DC motors (due to windings located on the armature, or rotor), creates a less efficient thermal path and diminished rate of heat
  • Motors Terms Glossary
    synchronous motor. Acceleration. Accuracy. Ambient temperature. Amplifier. Armature. B. Back emf. Bifilar winding. Bipolar chopper drive. Brush. Brushed DC motor. Brushless servomotor. C. Case temperature rating. Class B insulation. Class H insulation. Class 220 insulation. Cleanroom classification
  • Dental Endodontic Obturation Device Incorporates an Electric Motor for Precision and Tactile Control (.pdf)
    . Products. Overview. Brushed DC motors. Brushless DC motors. Gear. Spindle drives. Sensors. Control electronics. Compact drives. Ceramic. Online Catalog/e-Shop. Modular System explained. Selection explained. Selection Program. Configure. Company. About maxon motor. Facts & Figures
  • Reference Guide: Glossary of Terms
    a feed chamber and is constructed of steel. DC Motor - A DC Motor is a direct current motor, selected as the standard drive motor for Acrison feeders because of its wide range variable speed characteristics, and ability to provide very precise and reliable speed control/regulation. DC Motors can
  • Braking and Regenerative Energy with AC Drives
    What is Regenerative Energy? When a motor turns faster than the commanded speed as set by its AC variable speed drive, the motor in effect acts as a generator. An example of this would be the control of an elevator car as it descends. With the help of gravity, the load will readily lower. In fact
  • Medical Device Link .
    recently launched Web site,, makes it easy to configure more than 6000 different NT Dynamo models. The NT Dynamo motors are powerful brushless dc motors suited for any application that demands integrated variable speed control, precision performance, or high power in a small package

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