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  • Dynamics of Hybrid Stepper Motors
    precision-machined teeth improving motor torque by redirecting magnetic fields within the stepper. Hybrid stepper motors combine the operating principles of variable reluctance with permanent-magnet stepper motors. The rotor shaft holds one or more pairs of stacked laminations containing many teeth along its
  • Understanding Electronic Motor Drives
    . For instance, take a simple application of a fixed-speed motor driving a fan. Replacing a three-phase motor starter with variablefrequency drive (VFD) permits the fan to operate at variable speeds. One benefit is energy savings,
  • Cable Solutions for Servo and Variable Frequency Drives
    Learn about frequency converter technology, common negative effects, and how cable design and materials provide reliable solutions. Electric drive systems have many benefits, including continuous torque and speed control. However, frequency converters also come with negative side-effects
  • 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid
    , the internalcombustion engine (ICE), or a combination of the two. If the vehicle is under electric power alone, such as at idle, the controller will restart the ICE when it needs more power. The second mode operates at higher loads and speeds. Here, the ICE is always running. Variable intake and exhaustvalve
  • Building a Reliable VFD System (.pdf)
    A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) regulates the speed of a 3-phase AC electric motor by controlling the frequency and voltage of the power it delivers to the motor. Today, these devices (also known as Adjustable Speed Drives or Variable Speed Drives) are becoming prevalent in a wide range
  • Servocontrol with pneumatic actuators
    the development of pneumatic cylinders capable of continuously variable output in other words, pneumatic servos. But these actuators often have lacked the speed and control to be functional alternatives to stepper motors or state-of-the-art electric servos. The price has been right, but the performance has
  • Hannover Fair Focuses on Energy Efficiency
    ., will take the wraps off a smart variable-speed pump drive that matches flow to demand, cutting motor/pump speed when hydraulic systems don't operate at full load. This reportedly cuts energy consumption up to 45%, as well as reduces noise and hydraulic fluid temperature. 's EC fans are said to use
  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations
    are typically less than 1 year. Natural gas engine-driven air compressors. Gas engine-driven air compressors can replace electric compressors. They are more expensive but may have lower overall operating costs, depending on the relative costs of electricity and gas. Variable-speed capability

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