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  • Medical Device Link .
    of the dimensions discussed in this article are actually bigger than many realize. People often think of the wavelength of light as being very small. Actually, it is barely "submicron," as the microchip manufacturers would say. Red light has a wavelength of 0.65 um, or 650 nanometers (nm). Most people routinely
  • 25xxP Series Polarization Instrument Overview and Applications
    applications. The. Figure 1. An example of 2530P PER Meter for PM fiber pigtailing to a. polarized light source. complete line-up includes seven products with industry-. leading performances: low insertion loss, low cost, high. speed, and wide operating wavelength ranges. 2540P Polarization Scrambler
  • Proposed Reference Solar Spectral Power Distributions for Miami andProposed Reference Solar Spectral Power Distributions for Miami and Phoenix From Three Years of Measurements
    environments, comparison of artificial light sources to natural sources, estimates for dose-damage models and characterization of materials wavelength sensitivity in natural environments. The impetus for this study was to develop more realistic reference SPDs than currently available for Miami, FL
  • Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microspectrometer
    to have a Stokes beam with a spectrum as. broad as possible. The important fingerprint region of Stokes. shifts in biological samples is in the range of 500-4000cm-1. This. where Ip and Is are the intensities of the pump/probe and. defines the requirements for the broadband light source for. Stokes
  • Flexible Film Analysis
    of infrared light is passed through the sample and. measured by the detector array. The infrared absorbance at different. wavelengths can then be used to measure the thickness of a particular film. layer or to identify a specific film. In under a minute a result is displayed. InfraSpec is a trademark
  • Medical Device Link .
    incorporating standard through-hole geometry that narrows the radiation patterns and eliminates light loss. The 5-mm square and 5-mm round packages offer 50 and 25 viewing angles, respectively. They are available in many colors including RGB, white, and ultraviolet, with wavelengths from 400 to 600 nm
  • Analytical techniques
    as high as 200 C. The IFC approach allows a spectroscopist to evaluate a complex sample matrix and select proper wavelengths of light to make successful analytical measurements of the component of interest. These Analysers are custom built for the application. Improvements have also been made
  • LEDs Line Up to Illuminate Web Inspections
    to halogen or metal halide light sources presents the system developer with an alternative. These light sources are useful in that, by transferring the light from a remote source, the fiberoptic line light will not radiate heat. This is important when the product to be inspected may be susceptible

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