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  • Servo On A Chip
    advances have now made it possible to devise a single integrated circuit that can handle the details of ac servocontrol, including manipulation of feedback from position encoders. These chips provide closed-loop current and velocity control in highperformance servodrives and sensorless systems
  • Delay Time Measurement with Ultrasonic Sensors
    Many industrial ultrasonic sensors are based on the delay time measurement. As has been mentioned in the introduction, the "measurement representation" thereby is the propagation velocity of the sound in the air, which is 330 m/s under normal conditions. The sensors utilized for these functions
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    and safety switches to prevent operation when the mix can is removed. Controls are provided and are mounted to the frame of the system. New flowmeter reduces calibration costs by up to 90% The Flowsic 600 ultrasonic gas flowmeter measures actual volume flowrate, accumulated volume, gas velocity
  • Making the move to PC-based motion control
    . In this application, the first three icons configure the velocity and acceleration for the two axes. The next three icons move the axis to the correct position. The remaining icons create the half circle and blend it with the large circle. Not too long ago, programmable logic controllers (PLCs
  • Interphex Preview, Part Deux
    in pressure, flow and temperature control. New products include the Digihelic Differential Pressure Controller, process pressure gages, Teflon and rotatable scale flowmeters, air velocity transmitters, thermocouple temperature switches, needle and ball valves, and much more. DeltaV System, building
  • Torque, Speed, and Yogurt Cups
    initially, transitioning to a low gear ratio in the middle of the velocity profile. As the mold almost closes, the mechanism again switches back to a high gear ratio to deliver 382 tons of clamping force. TSL developers say the dynamics of the drivetrain posed a challenging design problem. The two
  • Rugged transducer puts the "thrill " back in thrill ride
    America to switch from potentiometers to Micropulse linear-position transducers from Balluff Inc., Florence, Ky. These noncontact, industrially hardened transducers provide continuous, absolute position and velocity feedback to three hydraulic cylinders, each with an 18-in. "throw " range. This allows
  • Sponge wrings cost from MR-fluid devices
    New controllable fluid-sponge dampers and brakes take on high-volume, cost-sensitive applications. Force versus displacement and velocity curves for a typical MR sponge damper. Damping force increases with applied current. This simple MR-fluid sponge damper for about 100 N, requires only 3 ml of MR

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