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  • Confused about Carbon Monoxide & Ventilation?
    How does new legislature regarding Carbon Monoxide and Ventilation affect you, as an HVAC contractor? An in-depth look at factors and considerations regarding the implementation of a gas monitoring system.
  • Monitoring Flammable Vapors and Gases in Industrial Processes
    Details Cancel. 09/21/2012 Control Instruments Corp. Edit Article Understanding NFPA 86: Safety Ventilation and Continuous LFL Monitoring Gas Sensing Details Cancel. 09/21/2012 Control Instruments Corp. Edit Article Safety Ventilation to Reduce Costs (.pdf) Gas Sensing Details Cancel. 09/21/2012 Control
  • Video Emissions Monitoring: New Compliance Tool?
    powders accumulate on the floor and must be vacuumed up. What s especially interesting about the work that McGlothlin and the 10 graduate students in his PEARL laboratory are doing, is the fact that they are applying video exposure monitoring, in a system that includes a sensor, wireless air sampling
  • Understanding NFPA 86: Safety Ventilation and Continuous LFL Monitoring
    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) establishes fire safety standards, including standards for the safe operation of processes. NFPA 86, the Standard for Ovens and Furnaces, addresses the safe operation of Class A, Class B ,Class C and Class D ovens, dryers, and furnaces, thermal
  • Safety Ventilation to Reduce Costs (.pdf)
    This white paper discusses how to safely use flammability monitoring to effectively automate damper controls and reduce the costs of owning and operating ovens and dryers.
  • The Importance of Monitoring CO2 Levels in Classrooms
    "In teaching and learning spaces, in the absence of any major pollutants, carbon dioxide is taken to be the key indicator of ventilation performance for the control of indoor air quality"[2]
  • Multi-Stage Environmental Monitoring in the Workplace
    CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the environmental datalogging solution for a factory with office rooms experiencing serious air quality issues. Employees began reporting headaches, indicating a possible lack of adequate ventilation. The factory's owners needed a CO2 logger, and also wanted
  • CO2 Control In School Classrooms
    There are four primary reasons to consider using CO2 sensors in school classrooms. 1. Student Health Considerations. CO2 monitoring can ensure that acceptable levels of ventilation for the health and welfare of students and teachers is maintained at all times. Are Codes & Standards Being Met?. CO2
  • Shanghai Hotel Chain (China)
    A major hotel chain in Shanghai, China was eager to install an automation system for the monitoring and control of numerous intelligent machine room operations such as electric power, air conditioning, ventilation, water, safety equipment and construction quality. In addition to providing a safe
  • Did You Know? Carbon Monoxide Sensors Do Not Detect Diesel Exhaust?
    Popular uses of carbon monoxide sensors in the building automation industry involve monitoring vehicle exhaust. Sensors are commonly installed in parking garages to monitor carbon monoxide levels and provide an input signal for a ventilation control system or building automation system. This system

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