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  • Fire Resistant Coverings
    The sprayed mineral fiber fire resistive coatings are blends of mineral fibers and inorganic binders, which are... The fibrous material is blown through a spe- cial spray gun that combines fibers, air, and water at the nozzle (Fig. 5). The principal cementitious type of sprayed fire resistive material consists of expanded vermiculite aggregate, hydraulic binders, such...
  • ZCP2010ITSC189
    HVOF Lasercarb® Capital asset K$ 250 K$375 (includes (includes grid blating laser, powder booth , feeder, spray booth, chiller, gas gun powder installation) feeder, chiller, gas installation) Depreciation 2 2 period years Usage hour/ 4160 4160 year 45.07 $30.05 Direct hourly... Grid blasting Hvof Laser carb® Yes No Preheat Yes No Coat / cool Yes Yes Cool down... Table 4 Process comparison Nevertheless, preheating and slow cool down (in vermiculite ) are applied as a crack...
  • Industrial Gases
    ...532–4 Chlorine 126, 129, 411, 436, 439 Chlorine dioxide 431, 441 Chlorofluorocarbons aerosol spray cans 496 global... ...Cryogenic insulation 225–9 aerogel 227–8 perlite 227 radiation losses 228 thermal conductivities 229 vermiculite 227 see also... ...Desflurane, see Fluranes DESY R&D institute 517 Detarred tobacco 371 Detonation 274 Detonation gun 324 Deuterium 137... Electron beam coating 482 Electron capture detector 171, 224 Electron cyclotron resonance 403 Electronic flow controls 220–1...
  • ZCP2011ITSC0795
    The flame- spray process was completed with a UNY-SPRAY-JET UTP gun at a pressure of 2.5 bar for the oxygen gas and of 1 bar for the acetylene. The melting process After spraying, the flame-spray coatings were laser remelted. ...a furnace and their cooling rate after the laser treatment was slowed by placing them in vermiculite .
  • Ceramoconcrete refractory and heat-insulating components in ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy
    The material shows al- most no shrinkage, and this avoids the formation of a large number of cracks, which had been assumed to be a normal phenomenon for a gun - sprayed surface. The loss of mixture on coating a vertical surface is 25%. The organization has its own production of ex- panded vermiculite , so VKVS is used in making blocks...
  • Commercial-Industrial Cleaning, by Pressure-Washing, Hydro-Blasting and UHP-Jetting
    ...granular material such as natural or manufactured sand, gravel, crushed gravel and stone, vermiculite , perlite, air cooled... connected to city supply, equivalent to a check valve Anodized aluminum (Anodic coating ) A coating chemically... Airless spraying A coating method utilizing hydraulic pressure between 2 and 3,000 psi to atomize paint... ...up when a electric or pneumatic signal a pressure drop or the trigger gun is operated AWT...
  • Bookshelf and Unified Agenda > Department of Health & Human Services > National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health > Mining Safety & Health Research ...
    ...use of a sealant consisting of a mixture of Portland cement, limestone, exfoliated vermiculite , and other in... Excellent results were cited for an asphalt solution that was sprayed on various surfaces inside a mine... The tests in the laboratory with the emulsion and roof material gave good results, and the mine planned to apply the emulsion to the roof with a spray gun and asphalt- and tar-based coatings or sealants will ignite from contact with...

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