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    Elevator Buckets - (35 companies)
    ...and lagging should also be noted. Some elevator buckets are designed specifically for agricultural or industrial applications. For example, cast nylon buckets are used in foundries, glass plants, mines, and other demanding environments. These conveyor... Learn More
  • Vertical Conveyors-Image
    Vertical Conveyors - (298 companies)
    ...with a series of attached buckets. Cart-on-track conveyors are used to pull a cart along a track. Chute conveyors are used to link two powered conveyors together. Diverters are used to move products off the main conveyor by pulling or pushing. Drag conveyors... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • ANSI Roller Chain Sprockets-Image
    ANSI Roller Chain Sprockets - (264 companies)
    Roller chain sprockets engage chain drives in power transmission and conveyor systems, though sprockets can engage any perforated material. Chain drives can be highly efficient and can produce a mechanical advantage as speed reducers/increasers... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • ISO Roller Chain Sprockets-Image
    ISO Roller Chain Sprockets - (186 companies)
    Roller chain sprockets engage chain drives in power transmission and conveyor systems, though sprockets can engage any perforated material. Chain drives can produce a mechanical advantage as speed reducers/increasers. ISO sprockets are designed... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Industrial Conveyors-Image
    Industrial Conveyors - (2525 companies)
    Conveyor Belts are a continuous loop of material that are driven by a system of pulleys to carry goods. Types of Industrial Conveyors. There are two main conveyor technologies: bulk material and unit handling. There are also many different conveyor... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Sanders and Sanding Machines - (305 companies)
    ...machines are usually stationary and feature a long, flat platen behind a horizontal belt-sanding surface. Other types of sanders and sanding machines include: disc, drum, sleeve, orbital, planetary, surface, conveyor, stroke, pad, vibratory... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Industrial Parts Washers and Cleaning Systems - (716 companies)
    ...particles, acids, and alkaline solutions to clean part surfaces. Industrial parts washers are usually powered by electricity, gasoline, oil, or steam and include a wash tank made of glass, plastic, steel, or stainless steel. Complete turnkey systems... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Grinders and Grinding Machines - (1001 companies)
    ...surfacing and finishing of weld joints, engine blocks, engine heads, transmission components, brake rotors, flywheels and other vehicle parts. Grinders and grinding machines are used in the manufacture of medical devices, ceramics, glass, plastics... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Watch Glasses - (21 companies)
    How to Select Watch Glasses. Image Credit: ISOLAB. Watch glasses are circular, slightly-concave pieces of glass that are used by chemists to evaporate liquids and cover beakers during sample preparation. They are also used to hold solids during... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Air Conveyors - (189 companies)
    ...conveyor 's perforated belt are arranged in one or more rows. High-friction belts are designed to move rigid parts such as plastic caps, ceramic wafers, and glass bottles. Electrically-conductive belts are designed to move paper, cardboard, and plastic film... Search by Specification | Learn More
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...from ambient conditions while containing dust from escaping. Also, the flights provide gentle handling to. keep from crushing nuts or even tea leaves. Clean-In-place is fast and easy by virtue of the closed-loop design. The ability to install tubular drag conveyors in horizontal, vertical and curved...

Handling Description: The application calls for a way to handle large window panels being positioned for installation onto a cab. Some panels are in the vertical orientation and some are stored horizontally. Problem: How to safely pitch heavy panels, up to 110 degrees, up to 150 lb., varying...

...of up to five circular, horizontal screens located one above the other in a vertical, cylindrical housing. Mounted to the bottom of the unit is a high-torque, 1-HP gyratory motor with a double-extension shaft at both the top and bottom ends of the motor. Eccentric weights are fitted to each...

America. The firm will exhibit its newest generation of machining centers at the event and introduce its ultrasonic machining equipment. A compact vertical machining center with a spindle that revolves at 12,000 rpm, a spiral chip conveyor, and a machine-bed flush mechanism will be displayed at the. MPMN...

Handling Description: Grip the drum in the vertical position on a pallet, lift, pitch to a horizontal position, set down on the floor, then release. Must be able to perform this sequence in reverse. Problems: A new storage area was being created that required compact (vertical) storage...

...a system controller, a high-speed vertical linear transport system, and a label. MPMN:Equipment News (Jan '99). Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical Device Industry. Suppliers Archived Articles Entire Site Search Try Our...

...for the medical device industry. A twin-track pallet conveyor can be configured with compact horizontal and vertical bends without requiring additional drive units. Developed by FlexLink AB (G oteborg, Sweden), the modular assembly equipment was shown at Motek. The system is available in two. EMDM: November...

Handling Procedure: Pick up an ingot, weighing up to 60 lb., which is lying horizontally on a pallet. As the ingot is raised from the pallet it is allowed to rotate to a vertical orientation within the grip jaws. It is then transferred to the furnace pot. The part is positioned within the pot...

...cost-effective solutions to manufacturers, equipment suppliers have developed machines that increase productivity and speed while maintaining quality levels. Following is a sampling of machining equipment suitable for medical device manufacturing. A midsize vertical machining center that attains speeds...

...of dampers during assembly. *?assembly area is under an existing bridge crane. Solutions: Positech WM200 manipulator with an air motor screw drive gripper and interchangeable jaw sets. Manual rotation through the horizontal axis, vertical axis caliper brakes, and an operator's control pendant. Several...

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The filament is visible as the horizontal line between the vertical supply wires.

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vertical bar/broken bar/pipe ( ¦, | ) Intellectual property

bulk handling belt conveyors, screw conveyors and conveyor...
Belt Conveyor Chain Conveyor Screw Conveyor Airglide Conveyor Bucket Elevator Push Floor Conveyor

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AGY Aiken, SC 29801 Sep 21, 2010 Using proprietary new glass formulation, S-1 HM(TM) glass fibers feature 90 GPa tensile modulus and are suited for

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Vertical Conveyor Oven preheats baskets of steel parts."> Vertical Conveyor Oven preheats baskets of steel parts.

Manufacture Timing Belts, Conveyor and Custom Belts, Timing...
Timing Belt Screw On Cleats Screw Cleats On Timing Belts Read more... Vertical Storage & Retrieval Belt Less Noise, Less Stretch Read more... Zip
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up the glass plates and the frame on a horizontal conveyor and securing the glass plates from falling over; initially bringing the glass plates and

Conveyor chains using links and pins molded from Delrin® acetal resin play a key role in separating suspended solid matter from water in clarifier
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Glass Edging Machine Vertical Drilling Machine
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Accessory Machine for Insulating Glass Catalog, China...
Jinan Sunny Machinery Co., Ltd. Insulating Glass Machine and Double Glazing Glass Machine Manufacturer and Trading Company from China.
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