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  • Vertical integration, not outsourcing
    strategy, you are going to lose. You'll lose technical competence and ultimately your ability to innovate. The same can be said of outsourcing. Companies that do this are playing a dangerous game. My company takes the exact opposite approach: vertical integration, something that is out of style right now
  • Keeping ball screws accurate and reliable
    a vertical surface to keep it from sliding. It's relatively simple to determine the lead accuracy of a ball screw before you buy it. Just ask the manufacturer and get a protocol. If you just want to know if a screw is straight and true so you don't have problems
  • A Quest for Clean Mixing
    , but could be as simple, yet equally important, as improving cleanliness. Below are some ways to lessen the mess and reduce health hazards in your mixing environment, categorized by applications. In a ribbon, paddle or vertical screw blender operation, sealing arrangements are key to keeping clean
  • Magnalube-G Case Study: Benchmark Imaging Group
    of the. machine consists of three motorized tables, with. stepper motors and lead screws. One of the tables travels vertically. Unfortunately, the vertical table's operation created a strong harmonic vibration as the nut traveled along the lead screw; producing an unbearably loud screeching noise
  • Wedge drives precision elevator
    with 25-nm resolution. The wedge, an inclined plane, converts horizontal ball-screw movement into vertical elevation of the table top (up to 25 mm), with position feedback provided by either an internal linear or rotary encoder. Vertical-position resolution using a 25-nm linear encoder is 0.025 mm
  • Medical Device Link .
    reliability. Like the FV105A, the FV102A is a vertical machining center made from Meehanite casting and also includes ball screws attached to servomotors. Both systems have a 24-tool swing arm ATC system that optimizes production flow and efficiency, features a bidirectional random access tool
  • Machine Vise Datasheet
    out of solid bar stock. At only 42 lbs, the Tormach vise is a perfect fit for smaller machines. It can bolt into the table's center slot and will not collide with the vertical column when the table is moved fully back. Compare that to a 6" vise, where the machinist has to heft 80 lbs of vise onto
  • Robots get fired up
    . The modules feature absolute encoders and precision ground ball screws, repeatability to +-0.01 mm, and horizontal velocities to 1,200 mm/sec and vertical to 600 mm/sec. High-speed digital servo networks are paving the way to new control architectures for industrial robots. And the IEEE-1394 FireWire

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