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    RF Power Meters - (28 companies)
    RF power meters measure the strength of an RF signal in dBm or watts and may also be called an RF wattmeter. Typically RF power meters are used to measure the output of a transmitter. RF power meters measure the strength of radio frequency signals...
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    Limit Switches - (445 companies)
    ...attached machinery upon switching. Image credit: Industrial Power & Control. Linear limit switches detect and are triggered by linear motion. They are often used in conjunction with linear actuators. A linear limit switch. Image credit: Baumer Ltd. Switch...
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  • Linear Limit Switches-Image
    Linear Limit Switches - (181 companies)
    ...a circuit. Linear limit switches are frequently used to limit the motion of linear actuators. The video below details the operation of a linear actuator equipped with two limit switches. The limit switches are set to switch off the power supply when...
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  • Rotary Limit Switches-Image
    Rotary Limit Switches - (154 companies)
    How to Select Rotary Limit Switches. Rotary limit switches use physically-actuated levers to rotate a shaft and operate the contacts in a switch, making them change state. Most products feature a rugged design and are suitable for factory...
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  • RF Amplifiers-Image
    RF Amplifiers - (558 companies)
    ...the signal and send the stronger output to a RF power amplifier (PA). Other types of RF amplifiers include: Low noise. Pulse. Bi-directional. Multi-carrier. Buffer. Limiting amplifiers. Detector log video amplifiers (DLVAs) are used to amplify or measure...
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    RF Transceivers - (270 companies)
    ...signals that the antenna receives. Detectors or demodulators extract information that was encoded before transmission. Radio techniques are used to limit localized interference and noise. To transmit a new signal, oscillators create sine waves which...
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    RF Modules - (140 companies)
    ...of transmitted digital signals in accordance to the baseband data signal. Radio techniques limit localized interference and noise. Direct sequence spread spectrum techniques spread signals over a large band by multiplexing the signal with a code...
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    Power Supplies - (2828 companies)
    ...the power supply from load faults such as short circuits and open circuits. Over current protection - This is internal circuitry that limits or shuts down the current output in an overcurrent condition. Over voltage protection - This is internal...
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    Power Meters - (399 companies)
    Power meters are used for high-accuracy measurements of power over a wide-frequency bandwidth, and from both AC and DC circuits. Power Meters Information. Power meters are used for high-accuracy measurements of power over a wide-frequency bandwidth...
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    Power Transformers - (993 companies)
    Power transformers convert power-level voltages from one level or phase configuration to another. They can include features for electrical isolation, power distribution, and control and instrumentation applications. Power transformers convert...
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  • Design Concepts for High-Power PIN Diode Limiting
    VHF high- power limiter , .
  • Program
    ' Limiters have been tested over the VHF -UHF range, with typical bandwidths of lpercent, insertion losses of 5 to 10 dB. threshold powers of -17 to +20 dBm, and dynamic limiting ranges of 10 to 17 dB.
  • Author Index, Nov. 1980, Part II
    Cohn, Marvin, see Cassedy, Edward S.; T-MTT V9 n3 May 61243-247 Cohn, Marvin, and Andrew F. Eikenber “ Ferroelectric phase shifters for VHF and !?UHF: T-MTT vIO n6 … … and Andrew F: ‘Eikenbe~g; A high- power ferroelectric limiter ; T-MiT .
  • Index to Subjects
    Feedback, Delayed, Synchronous Magnetic Recorder and: Jan 94 Feedback, Negative, a Third of a Century Ago: Jul 1275 Ferrimagnetic Microwave Limiter : May 1000 Ferrite: Modulator … … Horizon, Charac- teristics of VHF : May 769 Filters: Absorptive, for Microwave Harmonic Power : Oct 1762 Band-Pass …
  • Index to subjects
    … Ionic Duct Propagation Time vs: Aug 1852 Life Sciences, Engineer and: Aug 1758 Light: and Gravitation: Aug 1826 at VHF , Single-Sideband Modulation and … … Constancy of: Jul 1700 Limiter , Regenerative, in FM Receivers … … Limiter, Temperature-Stabilized Microwave Power , for Communication Satellite: Apr …
  • Author Index, Jun. 1981
    … Staples, Edward J.; T-MTT v21 n4 Apr 73279-287 (3B08) Clara, Jo@ Maria, and Albino Antinori; Investigation of VHF nonoptical propagation between Sardinia … … The g romagnetic coupling limiter at C-band (Corresp … … Whliam’P.; A ii ‘h power phase shift& for phased …
  • 1981 Index IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems Vol. PAS-100
    Vacuum arcs vacuum arc fault current limiters ; plasma density measurements using double Langmuir probe; Pedrow, Patrick D.; T-PA S Jun 81 … … varistor protective system for series capacitors; Hamann, J. R.; T-PAS Mar 81 929-937 VHF radio communication VHF noise … Voltage control equivalent circuit analysis of power system reactive power and voltage control problems; effect of transformer …
  • Subject Index
    Seong-Sik Jeon, + , MWSYM 02 1357-1360 vol.2 GaAs PIN diode, high- power limiter cct. Smith, D.G., + , MWSYM 02 1245-1247 vol.2 HF/ VHF /UHF systs. and technol., appls.
  • A passive dual‐circulator based transmit/receive switch for use with reflection resonators in pulse electron paramagnetic resonance
    However, the present design exceeds the power handling capacity of the Quine et al. design by nearly two orders of magnitude and has wide band response at VHF fre- quency. The recently developed feedback type lim- iter used in our design has an incident power han- dling capacity in excess of 60 dBm and low-insertion loss of 0.4 dB.
  • Implementation of amplitude modulation companding in the BBC MF national networks
    … an operational requirement that the monitoring should check that the instantaneous RF carrier power is reduced by … A new audio comparator, recently developed for use on HF and VHF transmitters, includes a facility to compensate for the effects of a limiter /compressor.