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  • Mass Finishing Media-Image
    Mass Finishing Media - (113 companies)
    ...are used in a variety of barrel finishing systems, from a light-duty miniature tumbler to a large heavy duty multiple-compartment machine designed for wet or dry processes.Mass finishing media for part deburring and burnishing is typically ceramic... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Steel Rail - (30 companies)
    Steel rail is a form of steel fixed stock with a tee shaped rail profile for construction of railway tracks, which support and guide transit or railcar wheels. They have a special correctional profile that is designed to be used as train or tram... Learn More
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    Peening Shot - (79 companies) necessary. Hardening increases media life. Softening may reduce surface damage or marring on softer alloys. Materials. Peening shot and beads are usually made of cast iron, ceramic materials, glass, metal, porcelain, steel, stainless steel, or zinc. Cast... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Stainless Steel Alloys-Image
    Stainless Steel Alloys - (851 companies)
    Stainless steels are steels that contain a minimum of 10% chromium and are more resistant to corrosion than normal steels. How to Select Stainless Steel Alloys. Stainless steels are steels that contain a minimum of 10% chromium and are more... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Blasting and Peening Services-Image
    Blasting and Peening Services - (412 companies)
    Blasting and peening services bombard media against a surface to meet surface condition requirements. Sandblasting uses abrasive grain to roughen, smooth, shape or clean surfaces. Shot peening uses rounded media to strengthen or dimple a surface... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Peening Machines - (18 companies)
    ...such as metal shots or other smooth, round-shaped media. Shafts and turbine blades may be shot blasted, as peening improves the fatigue strength of metallic materials by imparting a residual compressive stress on the parts. Peening machines may use a CNC... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Vibratory Tables - (31 companies) vibrating tables or shakeout tables. The vibrations of vibratory tables are often imparted by means of off-balance masses rotating on a shaft, but many other mechanisms are also widely used according to the usage. For example, densification needs... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Abrasive Grain and Finishing Media - (459 companies)
    Abrasive Grain and Finishing Media Information. Abrasive grain and finishing media includes crushed grit, metal shot, glass beads or shaped chips for blasting, mass finishing (vibratory or tumbling), bonded wheels, coated abrasives, ball milling... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Abrasive Blast Machines and Sandblasters - (297 companies)
    ...on a conveyor, tumbler, or spinner. They can also be held by hand or placed on a gantry or rotary table. CNC controllers and PC interfaces can be used in conjunction with abrasive blast machines and sandblasters to automate and regulate the delivery... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Blasting Media and Abrasives - (200 companies)
    ...and abrasives consist of abrasive grains, plastic grit, glass beads, nut shells, carbonates, steel shot, cut wire and other shapes. Angular or sharp media is used for deburring, descaling (rust or oxide removal), paint and coating stripping, surface... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    After baking these smaller components are cleaned mechanically using a vibration finishing machine. ...from large parts with a dry blasting machine which bombards the surfaces with magnetized steel particles (aluminum shot is used for sheet metal parts and precision parts) for about 50 seconds. The parts must be demagnetized and placed in a tumbler to remove shot and dirt trapped in...
  • Increasing the impact fatigue strength of ring valve plates
    grinding in a vibratory tumbler for 8 h in a V-type vibration unit with an out-of-balance vibration exciter and using water as the working medium ...the volume of the charge chamber) with pebbles of different shapes and sizes, shot blast treatment and... ...results (Fig. 2) that the fatigue strength of testpieces made from type 30Kh13 steel having been subjected...
  • Air-turbine expansion coolers in the rubber technical and tire industry
    At pres- ent the ridge is removed manually, mechanically using various kinds of trimmers or blanking instruments, and by freezing followedby tumbler polishing or vibration treat- Rubber technical ware loaded into the working chamber of the shot -blasting apparatus is transported and turned... After the ridge hardens, the parts are bombarded with steel pellets, which knock off the ridge without...
  • Doors and gates
    ...150 sliding door 10, 109, 114 sliding wall 70 sliding folding gate 149 impact rain density 16... Threshold region 4 threshold sealing 91 swimming pool 81 oscillating gate 139, 141 sectional gate 139, 146, 149 Self-Closing property 42 lowering... 13 chipboard 54, 55 plywood 54, 55 locking mechanism 85 shoots 20 steel sheet door 66, 120... ...frame 53 central closing installation 88 decorating lining 57 access control system 123 tumbler 83 tumbler lock...
  • Adoption of labor-saving devices in plate and sheet mills remotely controlled from a control pane! on the trolley and has a tumbler switch which as... ...the head of the grinding wheel in order to get a better view and to eliminate vibration . For the mechanized cleaning of trenches in the steel department, pneumatically driven diaphragm slush pumps with rubber... ...made from special expensive iron) for protecting the walls of the body of shot blasting machines was...
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  • ZASMHBA0005255
    Metal shot and glass beads provide good peening action and produce shiny surfaces, both of which are... ...cabinets as well as automatic units with rotating tables, spinner hangers, or rotating tumblers to hold the... Applications for steel , superalloys, and aluminum are more selective but still very important. ...good portion usually remains on the casting and is knocked off with a vibrating pneumatic hammer or...
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