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  • Gas Turbine Vibration Monitoring in a Refinery
    CAS DataLoggers has just provided the Delphin vibration monitoring and analysis solution for a refinery relying on a gas turbine-driven generator to provide power for the facility. The generator has begun to develop vibrations in its shafts and bearings, causing fatigue failures. Technicians needed
  • Measurement And Analysis Of Torsional Vibration
    components in the powertrain such as the gearbox and by other equipment driven off the drive belt or chain. Additional torsional vibrations are also likely to appear downstream at the drive shafts and wheels. Measurement And Analysis Of Torsional Vibration : Noise & Vibration Measurement Blog. Tweet
  • Monitoring Reciprocating Gas Compressors with 4-20 mA LPS Vibration Sensors
    applications. However, faults on reciprocating machines are difficult to characterize using vibration. analysis software. Portable FFT analyzers fair poorly when applied to reciprocating. equipment because they cannot account for the crank-angle position on the machine,. which is important
  • Vibration Analysis, for Designers
    engineers to move past ubiquitous static analysis and into the realm of analyses that more accurately model product behavior. Vibration analysis, often called dynamic analysis, is one area where FEA technology is on the move. * Modal analysis in FEA software finds the resonant frequencies
  • Laser Triangulation System Measures Jet Turbine Blade Vibrations
    variation (TTV), bow, warp and flatness of semi-insulating and semiconducting materials. MTII’s Aviation Balancing Instruments group provides state-of-the-art portable balancing and vibration analysis systems for turboprop and jet aircraft engines. Whether your non-contact sensor application requires
  • Vibration Testing of Load Cells
    of high/low temperature and moisture, but also survive vibration testing to a controlled industry vibration standard by an independent testing lab. What follows is a chronological account of the preparation, testing and an analysis of the required vibration testing. White Paper
  • Vibration Analysis - Should We Measure Acceleration, Velocity or Displacement?
    When using vibration data, especially in conjunction with modelling systems, the measured data is often needed as an acceleration, as a velocity and as a displacement. Sometimes different analysis groups require the measured signals in a different form. Clearly, it is impractical to measure all
  • Vibration Monitoring with Delphin TopMessage Systems
    . The TopMessage also featured signal conditioning within the device, an Ethernet interface, and screw terminals for secure connections. All the vibration data was monitored and displayed as FFT analyses, on-line in real-time, and saved in a database. Combined with the digital output capabilities

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