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  • The vibration reliability test for motorcycle motors
    This paper explores vibrations in motorcycle motors using several steps and instrumentation devices.
  • How to select a DC Motor
    application of motors should be kept in mind. How to Select a DC Motor - MICROMO. Micro Motion Solutions Skip over navigation. News & Events. Careers. Site Map. (800) 807-9166. Company. The FAULHABER Group. MICROMO 's Machining Operations. MICROMO 's Clean Room. MICROMO Engineering. Products. DC
  • DC Motor Application Considerations
    the operational lifetime of the motor. Vibration: Rotor vibration can be a significant source of audible noise. Vibration and noise increases with speed. Even a slight imbalance in the rotor can cause major vibrations at speeds of 10,000rpm. FAULHABER Group DC motors have extremely low rotor vibration
  • Universal Motors: Timeless Performance
    . Products. Overview. Motors. Gearmotors. Gearboxes. Motor Components. Integrated Solutions. Customization. Case Studies. Alternative Energy. Automotive Off-Road. Agriculture. Commercial Cleaning. Food and Beverage. Construction. Fluid Power/Pumps. Laboratory Equipment. Medical Equipment
  • Considerations for Step Motors in Space Applications
    , there is a limited power budget, severe weight and size restrictions, and reliability and life requirements. Many engineers approach these problems by assuming that standard commercially made motors are the correct basis from which to construct a motor for space applications. Unfortunately this assumption
  • Comparing Miniature DC Motors and Gearboxes
    Systems. Stepper Motors. Stepper Motor Drive Systems - Data Sheets. Piezo Motors. Piezo LEGS (R) - Datasheets. Linear DC Motors. QUICKSHAFT - Data Sheet. Linear Components. Encoders. Encoders - Data Sheets. Servo Components. Precision Gearheads. Precision Gearheads - Data Sheets. Drive Electronics
  • Reasons for Turning to Slotless DC Motor Technology
    . mechanism that would wear and eventually result in motor failure, brushless motors could be relied upon. to deliver performance over time. As for other advantages, conventional wisdom held that brushless. motors provide high speed and fast acceleration, generate less audible noise and electromagnetic
  • ADwin-Based System Tests Six Switches in Parallel
    Tests Six Switches in Parallel. Multi-axis motion control systems are used extensively for positioning in manufacturing. These systems often rely on feedback from position sensors to maintain closed-loop control for improved accuracy. In test and measurement applications, it is often desirable to use
  • How To Measure Noise & Vibration In Rotating Machines
    have bearing vibration signal of 2 hp motor taken at load varying from 0 to 3hp load using dyanmometer. I have no idea about the noise level present?. Reply. 60 days ago Shakeel Abdulla. Hello everyone!. I 've been using Prosig DATS for analyzing noise created by a steering pump manufactured
  • IQC HVAC Production Test Systems
    This IQC Production Test System is designed to perform. 100% inspection for NVH related defects of in vehicle HVAC. units. The system replaces existing subjective tests with an. arsenal of vibration, sound and motor current algorithms and. metrics. The Signalysis IQC System combines traditional