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Parts by Number for Vibration Tachometer Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
461880 Straight Road Electronics, Inc. EXTECH INSTRUMENTS Not Provided TACHOMETER VIBRATION
461880 Tequipment.Net Extech Not Provided TACHOMETER, VIBRATION

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  • Jet Engine Balancing: Laser Tachometer...Friend or Foe?
    the engine to provide critical vibration phase information. This paper briefly outlines the differences between the two most commonly available methods of obtaining this signal; the laser tachometer and odd tooth detection. The Problem: Testing jet engines on-wing requires access to vibration and speed
  • Measurement And Analysis Of Torsional Vibration
    Torsional vibration is of key importance in the area of vehicle development and refinement. The main contributory source is the engine where periodically occurring combustion cycles cause variation in the crankshaft rotary vibration. This vibration is transmitted to and modified further by other
  • How To Measure Noise & Vibration In Rotating Machines
    In this article we will look at the basic steps behind a simple rotating machinery study. We won't look in great detail at some of the techniques involved - these are dealt with elsewhere on the Noise & Vibration Blog. This material should be suitable for a newcomer to the field who understands
  • Making Phase a Routine Vibration Route Measurement (.pdf)
    One of the most neglected tools in the vibration analysis toolbox is phase. This neglect is partially due to the extra time and effort often necessary to collect the information. Many analysts are also not properly trained in phase measurement and analysis. 10010 Pumos&Sys ACE09.indd
  • Using Your Vibration Condition Monitoring System To Monitor Auxiliary Equipment
    The use of a vibration condition monitoring system for monitoring vibration from large rotating machines fitted with fluid-filled journal bearings such as steam or gas turbines is well understood. Vibration from these components generally falls within the main harmonics or orders of the shaft
  • How to Select a Strobe
     be  .           Palm Strobe x = psx                                                   operated continuously from AC Power when  .           Vibration Battery x = vbx                                          operated with their optional power supplybattery
  • Recent Special Applications
    operates while immersed in hydraulic fluid. Operating temperatures 160C; integral high-temperature synchro used for commutation, which operates at 5V and 5000Hz square wave. The unit withstands 20Gs(50-500Hz) vibration and 100Gs shock. Rotary Actuator. 200 C Temperature Range. Pressure Environment 20,000
  • Evaluating A Closed Loop Control System For High Pressure Pumps
    revolution tachometer pulse. Additionally, there are various analogue transducers on each pump which measure parameters, such as pressure at the pump inlet and outlet. Evaluating A Closed Loop Control System For High Pressure Pumps : Noise & Vibration Measurement Blog. Tweet. Prosig Noise & Vibration Blog