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...with each leak tester a document stating that calibration has been performed with a traceable instrument certified periodically by a pressure-measurement notified body." The P-Test series of instruments are suited for air pressure decay leak testing of elastic or rigid medical devices such as blood...

...the place of three standard test devices. In Europe, medical device manufacturers that perform the three common types of hardness tests Rockwell, Brinell, and Vickers must meet new ISO standards. "European companies needing to supply products compliant with these standards need to purchase new...

AB_16.indd CSM Instruments. Advanced Mechanical Surface Testing. APPLICATIONS BULLETIN. Special Issue: Automotive Applications. Tribometer Lifetime Study of Wheel Bearings. In automotive applications, bearings form an integral part of many. (d). sub-assemblies, e.g., axle, engine, gearbox, etc...

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    Minerals isolated in hand sample were examined with a Vicker Instruments Nanolab LE2100 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) equipped with a Kevex energy dispersive spectrometer (EDS) and GW Electronics backscatter detector currently located at the Royal Ontario Museum.
  • A stereoscopic technique for use with an electron microscope
    Metropolitan- Vickers Type EM2 microscope and major alterations would have to be made to the specimen stage of this instrument before such techniques could be used.
  • Demonstration of the Vickers' projection microscope
    THEnew model Vickers’ Projection Microscope has been evolved in the research laboratory of Messrs Vickers -Armstrongs Limited, Erith, with the object of pro- ducing an instrument possessing numerous valuable features which are not ob- tainable with microscopes and metallographs generally. . b .
  • Electron optics and electron microscopy
    In 1937 Martin, Whelpton and Parnum described in its columns the first electron micro- scope built in this country (by Metropolitan- Vickers Ltd), just five years after Knoll and Ruska’s original publications on the instrument (see Mulvey 1962, 1973).
  • Instrumental factors
    In 1937 Martin, Whelpton and Parnum described in its columns the first electron micro- scope built in this country (by Metropolitan- Vickers Ltd), just five years after Knoll and Ruska’s original publications on the instrument (see Mulvey 1962, 1973).
  • Summarized proceedings of a conference on electron microscopy Bangor, September 1957
    In his second paper, Mr. Page described how the Metropolitan- Vickers type EM3 microscope may be adapted for use as a reflexion instrument with an angle of beam deviation as high as 26.5'(*) (Fig. 1,p. 319).
  • An electron diffraction instrument
    The development of this instrument has followed closely that of the Metropolitan- Vickers E.M.3 electron microscope and in fact many of the components are interchangeable.
  • ZMETB4105P0925
    The first experimental transmission-type electron microscope made for the Imperial College of Science by the Metropolitan- Vickers Electrical Co. Ltd.,[77] was... ...the article Uses of Electron Microscope in The Times, April... ...and promising, these early instruments were far from being...
  • ZIMR0518P225
    This instrument , improved by incorporating magnetic lenses, has since been developed into a commercial model... ...American General Electric Company,79 on the basis of a projection X-ray microscope with electrostatic lenses, and... ...marketed by the Metropolitan- Vickers Company in Great Britain...
  • Summarized proceedings of a conference on electron microscopy - Reading, July 1956
    HAINEand MR. R. PAGEdescribed a new 100kV three-stage electron microscope (type E.M.6 by Metropolitan- Vickers Electrical Co. Ltd.) which gave facilities for trans- mission, reflexion working and electron diffraction. The instrument is capable of a regular instrumental resolving power of at least as good as 15A.
  • Material customer
    Single crystals in the structure with forces of 0,01.1 N on Mikrohärteprüfern, a combination of hardness tester and microscope . Image 15.3 hardness test nach of Vickers : penetrating body, impression and measured value d.
  • Reflexion electron microscopy at high angles
    The main requirement in this modification was that the instrument should be readily returnable to transmission working... The Metropolitan- Vickers type EM3 microscope was therefore modified in a manner similar to that described by Menter,@) a hollow metal wedge behg inserted between the specimen chamber and the gun alinement section.
  • Precipitation of VC in ferrite and pearlite during direct transformation of a medium carbon microalloyed steel
    Measurements of macrohardness were made using a Wolpert Httrte/pr~ifer Dia Tester 2 while mierohard- ness measurements were made with a Reichert instru- ment fitted to a Reichert MeA optical microscope . Both instruments were fitted with Vickers -type dia- mond pyramid indenters.

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