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...of the rocket plume. A test stand was. designed to allow precise control of experimental parameters. Simple adjustments of the test. stand made it possible to rapidly measure different parts of the plume. The design included. provision for simultaneous recording of UV, Vis and NIR spectra of the same...

...through a column of Al2O3. All new monomers were characterized by 1H NMR (300 MHz, Mercury 300), 13C NMR. (75 MHz, Mercury 300), high-resolution mass spectroscopy (HRMS) on a Finnigan MAT. 95Q mass spectrometer, elemental analysis, and melting point. Polymer 1H NMR spectra. were recorded on a 500 MHz...

By Agnes Shanley, Bill Swichtenberg and Heidi Parsons MS also took first place in Pittcon s Editors Award for best product this year. Winning the Gold was Waters Synapt High Definition Mass Spectrometer (HDMS) (for more on this, including access to a video demo and a brief interview...

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Artist's impression of the evolution of a hot high-mass binary star.

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The mass spectrometer: Mass spectrometry uses an instrument called mass spectrometer.

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Ion Mass Analyser (IMA), a mass resolving spectrograph that provides measurements of the main ion components (H, H2, He, and O)

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Goucher College: Shimadzu QP-5000 Gas Chromatograph/Mass...
Jasco V530 UV/VIS Spectrometer (3)       Bruker DRX 400 MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer

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