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  • YR-1 Rheometer for Characterization of Viscoelastic Properties
    The Brookfield YR-1 Rheometer is an affordable instrument that uses vane technology to determine the yield stress of viscoelastic materials. The Brookfield torque response is based on the degree of a spring wind-up, therefore deviations from an ideal elastic response may be attributed to viscous
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    Flexible Moulded Foam Has Good Memory A state-of-the-art memory-foam material recovers its shape much more slowly than ordinary foams. The Bayfit 582 polyurethane foam system from Bayer Corp. (Pittsburgh, PA, USA) can be used to produce flexible, moulded products with viscoelastic properties
  • Prediction of Polyolefin Foamability
    . ramp expressed as tan δ versus the complex viscosity. experts will agree upon is when the foaming agent is. provides invaluable information about the resin. increased the foam density decreases to a plateau. Then as. viscoelastic properties in a timely and efficient manor. the foaming agent
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    fastening methods. The SHB-series systems provide several advantages over traditional fastening methods. First, the viscoelastic properties of the adhesives can help absorb shock and distribute stress to eliminate the concentrated stress points of mechanical fasteners. This provides for high holding
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    , NJ. Custom adhesive tapes. A supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes offers a range of custom foam bonding tapes suitable for sound attenuation and vibration damping in such applications as medical electronics. Viscoelastic properties of the tapes create structural-borne
  • Keep that noise down!
    from transmitting. Free-layer damping adheres a semirigid material to a vibrating source. In constrainedlayer damping, a viscoelastic material is sandwiched between a rigid material and a panel. Squeaks, rattles, and hums are music to an appliance designer's ears. These nuances, specifically those
    out refers to how well a liquid or viscoelastic solid flows and intimately covers a surface. Maximum adhesion develops when the adhesive or viscoelastic PSA tape thoroughly wets out the surface to be bonded. The greater the wet out, the better the surface coverage and the greater the attractive forces
  • Particle Characterization Technologies
    measures the mechanical characteristics of a sample. Flow properties, viscoelastic and normal stresses are all properties that can be characterized. Bohlin rheometers can apply either a stress or a strain, making viscoelastic measurements such as creep/recovery and stress relaxation possible on one

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