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Piston viscometers and falling ball viscometers move or drop a piston or ball through the test liquid, which is contained in a precise and temperature-controlled tube. Under constant applied force, the time required for the piston or ball to pass a specific length of the tube is proportional...

...of the oil pump. The resistance to flow, in turn, is a function of both the viscosity of the oil and the flow rate. Microsoft Word - dml6-01-0701.doc SAE TECHNICAL. PAPER SERIES. 2006-01-0701. Engine Oil Viscometer Based. on Oil Pressure Sensor. Taeyoung Han, Suchee Wang and Mark K. Krage...

Characterizing a fluid's rheology rapidly while using only a small amount of fluid (<2mL) is highly advantageous in many applications. Unfortunately, this has not historically been possible in most instances. In fact, such characterizations require significant time, fluid, and technician skill....

...and the Bostwick Consistometer or relating their measurements to a. process viscometer would provide continuous real time monitoring during processing. Numerous viscometers are available for process control, including tube, rotational and vibrational. viscometers, suitability of such techniques have recently been...

The necessity of measuring paint viscosity is well known and there are several methods using a rotational viscometer, such as ASTM D2196, for accomplishing this. (See Figure 1) The objective is to characterize the shear sensitivity and time dependent behavior of paints during their application...

Embedded viscometers using acoustic-wave-sensing technology give early warnings of oil degradation and contamination in diesel engines that could lead to premature engine failure. The acoustic-wave sensor and its associated circuitry reside in a 25-mm-long, 14-mm-diameter threaded stud that bolts... applied (squeezing the bottle). Rotational viscometers provide a quick and easy way to characterize the flow behavior of ketchup. (See Figure 1) The disc spindle is immersed into a beaker of ketchup and rotated at various speeds to simulate the shearing action that the ketchup experiences. Flow curves... to run a speed ramp with a rotational viscometer. Traditional methods in Quality Control which employ a single point viscosity test are not adequate to tell the difference between acceptable behavior and a potential reject. The busy food lab, whether in R&D or QC, has little time to run an extra...

When it comes to viscosity testing and characterization, automotive paints and coatings have always posed a challenge. The numerous formulations and their complex structures do not lend themselves easily to testing using a single method. For many years, the CAP type of viscometer (originally known... and chemistry production methods by using the Cambridge Viscosity VISCOpro 2000 viscometer....

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ASTM D4741 - 06 Standard Test Method for Measuring Viscosity...
ASTM D4741 - 06 Standard Test Method for Measuring Viscosity at High Temperature and High Shear Rate by Tapered-Plug Viscometer
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ASTM D7496 - 11 Standard Test Method for Viscosity of...
ASTM D7496 - 11 Standard Test Method for Viscosity of Emulsified Asphalt by Saybolt Furol Viscometer
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Analysis of food additives by GPC/SEC Application compendium...
detector, a viscometer and a light scattering detector to assess the molecular weight distribution and molecular structure of polymers without having
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Cannon Instrument Company - News and Events
CANNON introduces miniPV®-HX automatic viscometer CANNON Announces Distributor Sales Awards
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Distributor Catalogues Contact Us Navigation Products Digital Display Viscometer W00006978 Measurement Range???10-1??105 mPa.s Spindle

Process Viscosity Measurement
Razaghi Meyer International is a distributor for the LEMIS Process range of density, viscosity, level and flow measurement systems.
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Viscometer - TV-22 Viscometer Increasing the efficiency of measurement is the main aim in the development of this digital viscometer.

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