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  • Packaging Materials, Viscosity, and Texture Analysis
    manufacturer well. And the ease with which the consumer opens the package is measured by a Texture Analyzer. The viscosity issue is the same for all types of materials. Be it an ink or an adhesive, the consistency of the material is ensured by measuring its viscosity. A rotational benchtop
  • DMA Testing for Long Term Material Performance (.doc)
    DMA is short for Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis (DMTA), which is another name for Dynamic Mechanical Rheological Testing (DMRT). Rheometers for mechanical rheometry are of two types: 1) Linear displacement, RSA II Rheometrics Solids Analyzer. 2) Rotational, SR5 Rheometrics Controlled Stress
  • Health Bars - A Confectionary Challenge
    in evaluating new formulations for health bars are texture and viscosity. Texture is assessed using an instrument called a Texture Analyzer that can measure hardness and chewiness. Viscosity is evaluated with either a Viscometer or Rheometer, but the latter has more capability to characterize
  • 5 Misconceptions About On-site Oil Analysis for Fleets
    The days of needing a laboratory full of specialized equipment to do oil analysis are long gone. The MicoLab (R) all-in-one oil analyzer combines four separate analytical instruments into one compact device. The MicroLab is used to test for elemental analysis, viscosity, oil chemistry and particle
  • Dosing For Effect - Getting It right The First Time
    for both liquid and powder-based products. R&D has the responsibility to get it right for Manufacturing. Scale up from bench tests in the lab need to be based on realistic simulation of process conditions. Liquid products can be assessed using a texture analyzer with an extrusion cell which simulates

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