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  • FieldServers Link Multiple Systems and Buildings at University of Arizona
    , Maintenance and other facilities access into the system for on-line system access from any web browser on the Campus network which will increase visibility and turnaround time for the running & maintenance of the Campus Building Automation system. Key personnel are provided with web enabled cell phone
  • What to Expect at Interphex 2007
    System) for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. InFusion enforces best practices through the concept of templates. The InFusion ECS improves plant visibility, plant performance, process control and compliance for operational and business excellence, according
  • Lighting Terminology
    , on the other hand, will tell you the total visible light output of a source. For this reason, lumens (not watts) is the relevant unit of measure when you 're concerned about visibility. Candlepower & Candela. Though it was once the predominant unit of measure used to describe the intensity of a light source
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - Frequency Asked Questions
    understood by system. integrators/developers. RFID can provide substantial benefits to potential users with limited. technical capabilities and infrastructure. Incorporating RFID within asset/warehouse/supply. chain management systems will create efficiencies and visibility by an order of magnitude. over
  • RFID: Automatic Identification Evolves
    applications for supply chain visibility, and is the frequency chosen for the EPC network. driven by the Auto ID Center and EPCGlobal. 3. AIDC & RFID. Knowledge of how an RFID system works is more than half the battle. The challenge now exists to incorporate this understanding. of RFID
  • Development to Deployment Code Instrumentation Architecture (.pdf)
    PC-connected instruments that include complex embedded processing the traditional. approach is to use two separate communication links: •. A specialized debugging link (emulator pod or the like) is used during the development phase. This link provides a tremendous amount of low-level visibility
  • Ethernet in Harsh Environments
    increasingly efficient and affordable, even small manufacturers are now transitioning to Ethernet. The shift from only legacy field-bus communication systems to new protocols on an Ethernet backbone not only improves. the ease of process control and automation, but also gives management visibility
  • Defining the Smart Grid (.pdf)
    . capabilities. LEVERAGE. business. processes. data to make. strategic decisions. Figure 1 Smart Grid Roadmap. 3. Defining the Smart Grid. What are the key functionalities of the Smart Grid?. For example, let’s say that at 2 a.m. a breaker in the substa-. Many utilities today need increased visibility