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  • Design Exploration and Optimization Solutions
    process integration software tools. After Analysis Server and ModelCenter have been utilized to construct a model of your engineering process, the design exploration and optimization tools can be used to better understand and visualize your engineering designs, perform trade-off studies
  • Selection Factors for Industrial Embedded PCs
    board from the wide variety of products on the market requires forethought and screening to match your application requirements. A successful product selection is a balanced combination of hardware, software and the vendor. You can visualize this concept like a 3-legged stool with one leg
  • Redesigning the design department
    on the left were designed AutoCAD Electrical, software that lets electrical engineers detail wiring schemes and controlsystem diagrams. Changing the diagram can update the wiring model in the enclosure to the right if it were modeled in Autodesk Inventor Professional. Trying to visualize the casting
  • Searching, Exploring and Visualizing Data Using Maple
    of information can be a difficult task. Maple, the advanced computing software from Maplesoft is a. powerful data visualization tool. Maple makes it easy to search, filter, explore and visualize data. Maple is a robust,. interactive tool that can help a user quickly understand the characteristics of data
  • Measurements on a budget
    . Real and imaginary components of DUT impedance A vector diagram helps visualize how software in the FlexDMM measures the L or C of a DUT. In the case of a capacitor, the vector representation of its impedance appears as shown at the fundamental and third harmonic frequencies. The real component
  • Medical Device Link .
    Software Options for Automation Equipment Design The tools a medical device company uses for designing automation equipment can make or break the transition to automation. The key is knowing what's out there. Kenneth Lindner, Eric P. Kilburg, Roger Hambro, and Charles Conrad A medical device
  • FEA wizards and utilities simplify model building
    that can rotate continuously, so the path of the pink node shows as a circle. With appropriate link lengths, the user has substituted proposed geometry for a paint mixing device modeled in SolidWorks. Algor's Mechanical Event Simulation software then puts the mechanism in motion and shows stresses
  • CFD builds a more efficient pulp chopper
    Simulating a spinning 82-in.-diameter pulper rotor in CFD software let engineers finetune designs for a 25% energy savings without loosing performance. "Many pulping rotors used in the paper industry were developed decades ago and are relatively inefficient, " says John Egan, chief technologist

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  • Software Visualization
    Developers of visualization software must ensure that the software is easy to use and reliable; otherwise, low-tech materials will be preferred.
  • Software Visualization
    53 3.4 Visualizing Software Architectures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Since, after all, everything is about modeling, this layer contains all the concerns regarding available (or proposed) models we use to visualize software , the metaphors they are based on and their properties, the information that are conveyed from each of them, their…
  • Cognitive Foundations for Visual Analytics
    In order to fulfill this claim, visualization software must be carefully designed taking into account two principal aspects: characteristics of the data to be visualized and the exploratory tasks to be supported.
  • Visualization of the Static Aspects of Software: A Survey
    However, visualizing software is not an easy task because of the huge amount of information comprised in the software.
  • An Overview of 3D Software Visualization
    For many years, visualization in 2D space has been actively studied, but in the last decade, researchers have begun to explore new 3D representations for visualizing software .
  • Software visualization
    Two-dimensional visualizations may lead to cluttering a plethoraofinformationonaflatplane.Eventhoughpan/zoom and fisheye views have been explored [112], visualizing soft- ware in 2D does introduce a cognitive overload by presenting too much information.
  • Multivariate Network Visualization
    Similar techniques are used to visualize soft- ware behavior on superscalar-processors (Rivet tool [40]) and Java program executions (Jinsight tool [30]).