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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
6AV65823AX000AX2 PLC Radwell Siemens Building Technologies Not Provided SOFTWARE VISUALIZATION PROTOOL/PRO
2900438 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Operator panel - 2900438 Operator panel with 7.6 cm (3.0") graphics-capable FSTN display, 5-step grayscale, 160 x 80 pixels, 1 x CAN bus, 1 x Ethernet, 2 x USB with 24 system keys and 6 function buttons, integrated runtime of the TSwin visualization software, and customer-specific front.
2902193 PHOENIX CONTACT USA Not Provided Operator panel - 2902193 Operator panel with 7.6 cm (3.0") graphics-capable FSTN display, 5-step grayscale, 160 x 80 pixels, 1 x Ethernet, 2 x USB with 7 system keys and 11 function buttons, integrated runtime of the TSwin visualization software, and customer-specific front.
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  • Fiber Orientation Visualization with Avizo Fire 3D analysis software
    The application of fiber orientation visualization, fiber orientation simplification, and its evaluation that will be described in this paper, were applied on a so called Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) being used for the on-site repair of bridges in Slovenia. The image
  • Collaboration Through Visualization
    way to do that. " Other Aspen products useful for process visualization or analysis include BatchCAD, a design program for continuous stirred-tank reactors, Aspen EBRS, for electronic batch-records management, and Aspen Process Recipe, for recipe documentation and data storage. At Eli Lilly
  • Collaboration Through Visualization
    of the latest software in planning and design is visualization, allowing users to see plant layouts, process flows, even the data involved in molecular design. The best work processes avoid repetitive data entry, requiring reliable ways to store and retrieve data, and allow it to flow seamlessly from
  • 3D Visualization for Industrial Quality Inspection
    by the software to create a. surface model. One of the advantages of this method is that in addition to the height information, the texture of the speci-. men is also documented. Which influencing factors are determinative for successful creation of a 3-D surface. model and how do these. variables influence
  • Software pushes engineering information almost everywhere
    . Unlike other keyframebased visualization software, Mockup lets nearly every property be driven by events. An event is any trigger such as a timer, user interaction, or animation start-stop. Further, animations are highly interactive, integrating software links internally to Seemage, or to external data
  • Software helps build a 222-mph stock car
    . The old record of 217 mph had stood since 1971. Wicks credits 3D design, optimization, and visualization software from for getting the car in shape for the run. "NASCAR rules specify tires, drivetrain, and engine displacement, and cars must follow specific body templates for shape, height, length
  • Overcome Network Complexity with Industrial Network Managment Software
    stoppages, and pro-actively monitor and troubleshoot problem areas to prevent problems before they occur. Graphic network visualization: The software should graphically visualize the network in a way that corresponds to the actual physical setup. A network management interface that is filled
  • Medical Device Link . EMDM Industry News
    summaries, coverage of product launches, and other news from the exhibition and conference halls. The page will be updated daily by Canon's editorial department. Immersive Design Inc. (Acton, MA, USA), a supplier of 3-D animation and visualization software, has announced that a demonstration version of its

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    2005; Lemieux & Salois, 2006; Sensalire et al., 2009; Sensalire & Ogao, 2007a), some focused specifically on techniques and tools that visualise software static structure (Caserta & Zendra, 2010; Ghanam & Carpendale, 2008; Sharafi, 2011), others focused exclusively on 3D techniques (Rilling...
  • Software Visualization
    Developers of visualization software must ensure that the software is easy to use and reliable; otherwise, low-tech materials will be preferred.
  • Software Visualization
    53 3.4 Visualizing Software Architectures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Cognitive Foundations for Visual Analytics
    In order to fulfill this claim, visualization software must be carefully designed taking into account two principal aspects: characteristics of the data to be visualized and the exploratory tasks to be supported.
  • Visualization of the Static Aspects of Software: A Survey
    However, visualizing software is not an easy task because of the huge amount of information comprised in the software.
  • An Overview of 3D Software Visualization
    For many years, visualization in 2D space has been actively studied, but in the last decade, researchers have begun to explore new 3D representations for visualizing software .
  • Software visualization
    Two-dimensional visualizations may lead to cluttering a plethoraofinformationonaflatplane.Eventhoughpan/zoom and fisheye views have been explored [112], visualizing soft- ware in 2D does introduce a cognitive overload by presenting too much information.
  • Multivariate Network Visualization
    Similar techniques are used to visualize soft- ware behavior on superscalar-processors (Rivet tool [40]) and Java program executions (Jinsight tool [30]).