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Conduct Research at risk. The team has demonstrated a link between the loss of gel in the eye�s vitreous humor and the formation of nuclear cataracts, the most prevalent type of cataracts related to age. The vitreous humor is between the back of the lens and the retina. The researchers are led by David. (R&D...

...of the extracellular matrix to create the supportive and protective structure around the cells. It is present as a constituent in all body fluids and tissues and is found in higher concentrations in the vitreous humor of the eye and the synovial fluid in the joints. In mammals, the highest reported...

...will be attached to the retina within the vitreous humor of the eyeball. The goal is to directly stimulate some of the nerve endings within the retina to produce images that are sufficient for reading large print or distinguishing between objects in a room. According to Singer, a miniature...

), as done above by concentration gradient and diffusivity. This means that in certain tissues such as the vitreous humor, where convection plays a much greater role (up to 40% of total mass transport in this particular case), a submodel can be used to simulate the sum of convective and diffusive...

...ones, macular edema, neovascularization, and retinopathy, are the consequence of high blood sugar levels (i.e., hyperglycemia) and high blood pressure. Contamination of the eye 's normally clear vitreous humor, retinal swelling, and the growth of abnormal blood vessels can lead to blurred vision, black...

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