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... I N I C O R E ...
VME Slave Controller Core October, 2012 - Inicore Inc. announced today the immediate availability of the VMESmodule IP core, a feature reach VME
See Inicore, Inc. Information

I²C - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Wishbone (computer bus) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
is made to let designers combine several designs written in Verilog, VHDL or some other logic-description language for electronic design automation.

Vertex Detector Off-Detector Electronics (ODE) TTC Link...
ODE Design VHDL/FPGA design flow: ? VHDL entry text editor/VisualHDL Summit ? VHDL simulation Leapfrog VHDL simulator Cadence ? FPGA synthesis Altera

Free Embedded Systems Tutorials - FPGA RTOS AdvancedTCA and...

Xilinx White Paper WP137: Intellectual Property (IP) Cores for...
I2C, PCI (32- and 64-bit, 33 and 66 MHz), Compact PCI Hot-Swap, PC- 104, VME, AGP, USB/USB2.0, IEEE-1394/FireWire, PCI-X 133 MHz and other emerging
See Xilinx, Inc. Information

VME to isa bridge datasheets and application notes, data...
First line: VME 160 connector ETHERNET VME64 User Manual MVME2300 VME to isa bridge SCANBE High-performance expansion board with ability customize

1664 16x2_lcd_controller 2dcoprocessor 32bit_modbooth_mult 395_vgs 3des_vhdl 4bitprocesor 6502_verilog_design 6502vhdl 68hc05 68hc08 8051

CPU Design HOW-TO: CPU Design and Architecture
Hamburg University VHDL archive

Data 16 Comtrol Data 16 Data Status ?XCKR ?CCKR ?LDR FIFO 4096 x 8b VME Inteface Control Read Write Data Status Write Read DSP Interface MONHIT CCKR

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