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  • Voice Coil Actuators and Motors-Image
    Voice Coil Actuators and Motors - (26 companies)
    Voice coil actuators and motors generate force when subjected to an electrical current or magnetic field. The coil within the motor is the only moving component, allowing for high speed motion and accurate positioning. Voice Coil Actuators... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Shutters - (143 companies)
    ...different styles. Bahama shutters or colonial shutters are equipped with handles that can be used to adjust the louvers. This type of exterior shutter also provides protection from the elements and offers sound-absorbing properties. Roll shutters or roller... Learn More
  • Motor Coils-Image
    Motor Coils - (32 companies)
    ...field, or within which an electromotive force is induced. Specifications for motor coils vary by motor coil type. Field coils can be flat, layered, random, or edge-style; clockwise or counter-clockwise; and carry specifications such as width... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Electrical Coil Winding Machines - (55 companies)
    Electrical coil winding machines are used to wind coils for motors, transformers, inductors and chokes. Coil winding equipment is used in a variety of wire winding, wire welding, and wire bonding applications. Some electrical coil winding machines... Learn More
  • Inductors, Coils, and Chokes-Image
    Inductors, Coils, and Chokes - (1031 companies)
    Control. Inductors, coils and chokes are passive devices that are designed to resist changes in current and store energy in the form of a magnetic field. In their simplest form, inductors consist of a wire loop or coil. The inductance is directly... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Web Accumulators and Coil Accumulators - (36 companies)
    Web Accumulators and Coil Accumulators Information. Web accumulators and coil accumulators are used to control the tension of materials in continuous manufacturing processes. They are different than fluid-line pressure controllers... Learn More
  • Automated Voice Answering Systems - (116 companies)
    Automated voice answering systems are used to take messages and to provide automated information retrieval requests. Automated voice answering systems are used to take messages and provide automated information retrieval requests. They reduce... Learn More
  • Optical Choppers and Optical Shutters - (30 companies)
    Optical choppers are mechanical or electronic devices that pass and then interrupt a beam of light for a known brief interval. Optical shutters are used to control the amount of time that a light sensitive material is exposed to radiation. Optical... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Coil Heaters and Cable Heaters - (150 companies)
    ...wound, or star wound. Spiral wound heaters are used to generate high temperatures in restricted areas. Star wound cables are offset coils inserted into pipes or ducts to create a turbulent flow in air or fluid. In terms of measurements, coil heaters... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Voice Recognition Software - (68 companies)
    Voice Recognition Software Information. Voice recognition software is designed to recognize spoken words and convert them into digital data, computer commands, or text. Voice recognition software allows an operator to use his/her voice as an input... Learn More
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M2511A : Specifications

Geeplus electromechancial solutions design and supply of...
Voice Coil Motors Voice Coil actuators are the best choice if proportional position control (bi-directional), high speed, high efficiency or
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Sympathetic Cooling of Molecules Using Laser-Cooled Atoms Maya...
significant flexibility in the use of the shutter, but the shape 9 Figure 4: Shutter built from voice coil of broken hard drive The blocking

Component Code Hierarchy
FDA Voice Blog Enter Search terms Most Popular Searches Coil C49877; FDA 761 Conductor coil C49878; FDA 559

Class Schedule for Class 720 DYNAMIC OPTICAL INFORMATION...
Shutter opening mechanism 644 Sliding mechanism

642 ..Surface loading (e.g., rollers) deceleration or speed 643 ..Shutter opening mechanism 603 ..Tray recess 644 ...Sliding mechanism 604 ..Clamping

QSC - Concert Stage Monitor Systems
4" voice coil woofer on CSM12 and CMS15 3" voice coil woofer on CSM10 3" diaphragm, 1.4" exit neodymium compression driver
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We measure portable performance in µA and MHz. In handheld...
Camera Lens Driver: Voice coil motor driver in WLCSP and LFCSP Camera Lens Driver: Voice coil motor driver in WLCSP and LFCSP
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