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  • Kimco Application Guide for Voice Coil Actuators (.pdf)
    Voice Coil (VC) Actuators are direct-drive, hysteresis-free devices used for providing highly accurate linear or rotary motion. By virtue of their high acceleration and the absence of commuta-. tion, voice coil actuators offer numerous advantages in such applications as medical, semiconductor
  • "Made in the U.S.A." Audio Component Pioneer Redesigns Efficiency
    or five mils thickness) foundation of the voice coil is wrapped around a 6061-T6 aluminum arbor, which ranges in size from 3/4" up to 3". Insulated magnet wire coated with a proprietary adhesive system is then wound wet on the arbor. When the winding is completed, it is aligned and reinforcing tape
  • When Adhesives Stick Too Well
    rolls created a host of stubborn clean-up difficulties. These, in turn, resulted in excessive and expensive downtime.Voice Coils "Stuck" on Arbors Snag Speaker ProductionFor Pyle Industries, of Huntington, Indiana, production of voice coils is a crucial step in the production of the company's
  • Driving Dright solutions For Automotive LED Lighting Challenges
    . HVAC Control. Instrumentation. Infotainment. Radio. Consumer Electronics. Multimedia. Digital Audio. Voice Recognition. Telematics. Remote Diagnostics. Navigation Systems. Traffic Control Systems. Vehicle Detection Systems. Wireless Connectivity. Chassis & Suspension. ABS. Electronic Stability
  • Medical Device Link .
    repeated production runs, according to the firm. The company also stocks ready-made electromechanical components than can be incorporated into customer products. Available components include linear and rotary motors, voice-coil actuators, magnetic bearings, and transformers. Airex Corp
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Motors
    and reverse direction input/output control. The firm also manufactures electronic commutator drives and voice-coil rotary and linear actuators designed for use in medical equipment and instrumentation. BEI Sensors & Systems Co., Kimco Magnetics Div., San Marcos, CA, USA. Return to the EMDM main page
  • Precise Pneumatics Aid Automated Assembly
    assembly cells, which have a 100 parts/min cycle time. Mikron in turn uses Festo 's CPV valve terminals and other pneumatic components for many of G05 's motion-control tasks, which include winding hair-thin copper wires onto spools for the magnets, gluing the coils onto membranes, and putting