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  • Operating System Software-Image
    Operating System Software - (385 companies)
    Operating System Software Information. Operating system software includes platforms for operating, managing, and monitoring industrial networks and computers. Unlike client software which resides on an individual 's computer, operating system... Learn More
  • Finite Element Analysis Software-Image
    Finite Element Analysis Software - (88 companies)
    ...element analysis involves the use of finite element (FE) software to study mechanical parts and components that undergo significant strains and stresses. Suppliers of finite element analysis software (FEA) are located across the United States and around... Learn More
  • Voice Recognition Software-Image
    Voice Recognition Software - (60 companies)
    Voice Recognition Software Information. Voice recognition software is designed to recognize spoken words and convert them into digital data, computer commands, or text. Voice recognition software allows an operator to use his/her voice as an input... Learn More
  • Image Analysis Software-Image
    Image Analysis Software - (276 companies)
    Image analysis software is used to enhance, identify or quantify features in an image by breaking down or applying digital image filters. Image analysis software is used to enhance, identify, or quantify features in an image by breaking down... Learn More
  • Statistical Analysis Software-Image
    Statistical Analysis Software - (73 companies)
    Statistical analysis software analyzes data to make predictions using statistical methods. It can be used to solve manufacturing problems, develop efficient industrial processes, or to make breakthrough discoveries. Statistical Analysis Software... Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Bus Analysis Software - (12 companies)
    Bus analysis software is used to analyze, manage, and interpret data from one or more computer buses. Most applications provide features such as real-time protocol checks, performance statistics, data transfers, latency monitoring, process... Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Thermal Analysis Software - (29 companies)
    Thermal analysis software is used for design and analysis of transient and steady state heat transfer processes. Thermal Analysis Software Information. Thermal analysis software is used for design and analysis of linear and non-linear, transient... Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Engineering Analysis Software - (648 companies)
    Engineering analysis software is designed to model, analyze, and predict responses and interactions for applications such as materials, structures, chemical and biological processes, electronic system performance, etc. Engineering analysis software... Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) Software - (17 companies)
    Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) software is used to track trends, generate statistics such as mean time between failure (MTBF), and determine the root causes of field failures (usually for products covered by a manufacturer 's warranty... Learn More
  • No Image Available
    Automated Voice Answering Systems - (107 companies)
    ...connections carry telephone voice signals as IP packets according to the H.323 specification from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). Selecting automated voice answering systems requires an analysis of specifications and features. Products... Learn More

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