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  • Capacitive Touch Using Only an ADC (CVD) (.pdf)
    This application note describes a new hardware sensing method called Capacitive Voltage Divider (CVD) which uses no external components.
  • Comparing Digital Potentiometers to Mechanical Potentiometers
    Resistor potentiometers can be found in electronic circuits across a wide spectrum of applications. Most typically, they function in a voltage divider configuration in order to execute various types of tasks, such as offset or gain adjust. The two types of potentiometers compared
  • Medical Device Link .
    usages of this model are on medical beds, surgical tables, and robotic surgical machines. The cable-extension transducer features a polycarbonate enclosure, an operating temperature range of �40� to 200�F, a vibration specification of up to 10 G to 2000 Hz maximum, and a voltage
  • Failure Analysis of a Hybrid Device Exhibiting Copper Dendrite Growth on Thick Film Resistors
    The subject of this paper is the failure analysis on several hybrid devices submitted to Oneida Research Services, Inc. (ORS). The analysis was initiated because of electrical testing failures -- a voltage divider compared the outputs of two thick film resistors. Analysis of the hybrid failures
  • Understanding Digital Potentiometers Resistor Variations
    device, a resistor can be made with metal/poly/contact components. Designing a So, naturally the R resistance may have some effect AB structure from these components can be used to form in a Potentiometer configuration (voltage divider), but ). Repeating this resistivea resistive element (R
  • Thermistor Temperature Sensing with MCP6SX2 PGAs
    This application note shows two designs that use a precise, negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistor for temperature measurement. The thermistor is placed in a resistive divider to linearize the temperature-to-voltage conversion. The voltage is processed in the analog domain by the MCP6SX2
  • Design Guideline: AAT3190 Positive/Negative Charge Pump
    This Application Note presents the design guideline and load line characteristics for the AAT3190 positive/negative charge pump with voltage multiplier stage. With a few external passive components, two low-power charge pumps of the AAT3190 convert supply voltages ranging from 2.7V to 5.5V into two
  • M2076: Programming Guide Integer N PLL Synthesizer 35 - 1100 MHz
    the desired performance characteristics and the result is a voltage which is applied to the tuning input of the VCO.

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