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DM163030 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided The PICDEM LCD 2 Demonstration Board (DM163030) shows the main features of Microchip ’s 28, 40, 64 and 80-pin LCD Flash PIC microcontrollers including the LCD voltage booster and contrast controller. It is populated with the PIC18F85J90. Other devices are supported via a transition socket...

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The PIC16C71 is a member of the mid-range family of 8-bit, high-speed microcontrollers, namely, the PIC16CXXX. The PIC16C71 device's I/O ports have an improved sink/source specification. Each I/O pin can sink up to 25 mA and source 20 mA. In addition, total PORTB source current is 100 mA and sink...

The MCP41XXX and MCP42XXX family of digital potentiometers communicate using a standard 3-wire SPI compatible interface. This application note will cover communication between these devices and the Motorola 68HC12 family of microcontrollers. Specifically, the MC68HC912B32 evaluation board was used...

PIC16CXXX microcontrollers from Microchip Technology, Inc., high-performance, EPROM-based 8-bit microcontrollers. Some of the members of this series (like the PIC16C71 and PIC16C84) do not have an on-chip hardware asynchronous serial port. This application note describes the interrupt driven...

) and microcontrollers play an increasingly important part in power management. As a result, it is not uncommon to see power electronic circuits incorporating numerous analog and digital signals with widely varying operating frequencies. This makes the design and troubleshooting of these mixed-signal circuits... a. proportional voltage by the use of a frequency-to-voltage (F/V) converter. A simple voltmeter will then give a visual indication of the. speed. Analog Display. RPM. Speed. TC9400. Sensor. F/V. DVM Display. (Optical or Magnetic). RPM. FIGURE 2: RPM/speed indicator. © 2002 Microchip Technology, Inc... crystal continues to operate quite well. Microchip PIC. will be an ammeter (to read the controller IDD),. microcontrollers can drive a crystal at 4.0 MHz in XT. voltmeter, thermometer and oscilloscope, with either a. mode, but resonators often fail at lower frequencies. x100 probe...

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