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  • Optical Prisms-Image
    Optical Prisms - (262 companies)
    ...invert or rotate images, disperse light into component wavelengths, and separate states of polarization. There are several basic types of optical prisms. Anamorphic prism pairs are used to correct the asymmetric, elliptical beams produced by laser... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Pneumatic Relays and Volume Boosters-Image
    Pneumatic Relays and Volume Boosters - (67 companies)
    Pneumatic relays and volume boosters control output air flow and pressure in response to a pneumatic input signal. They can perform simple functions such as boosting or scaling the output, or use complex reversal, biasing, and math function... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Variable Air Volume (VAV) Units - (25 companies)
    Variable Air Volume (VAV) Units Information. Variable air volume (VAV) units are manufactured assemblies of air valves and dampers contained in a single enclosure. As HVAC system components, they regulate airflow to a room or zone in response... Learn More
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    Cuvettes - (39 companies)
    Handling, Ocean Optics, ALine, Inc., Starna Cells. Cuvette Specifications. Common retangular curvettes have a 10 mm pathlength, but they can range from as little as 1 mm to 100 mm and more. 1 to 100 mm curvettes. Image Credit: Optiglass Ltd. Volume varies... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Positive Displacement Flow Meters-Image
    Positive Displacement Flow Meters - (160 companies)
    Positive Displacement Flow Meters Information. Positive displacement flow meters measure the volume or flow rate of a moving fluid or gas by dividing the media into fixed, metered volumes. These devices consist of a chamber that obstructs the media... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Meter Provers and Flow Proving Components - (17 companies)
    Meter provers and flow proving components provide a known traceable volume to simulate actual operating conditions to test and verify the performance of flow meters and transfer meters. Flowmeter accuracy is very important in many industries... Learn More
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    Optical Manufacturing Services - (267 companies)
    ...materials. They differ in terms of capabilities and methods. Capabilities for optical manufacturing services include: component design, diamond turning, grinding and polishing, high-volume production, molding, optical coating, prototyping, testing... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Optical Design Services - (141 companies)
    ...such as consulting, modeling, prototyping, low-volume manufacturing, alignment, and testing and metrology. Some companies offer design software license for lease or purchase, or can create optical design software for a client 's specific needs. Optical... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Roof and Floor Trusses - (176 companies)
    Roof and Floor Trusses Information. Roof trusses and floor trusses are support structures that consist of one or more triangular units that are made with straight, slender members and connected at the ends as joints. Roof trusses are used for roof... Learn More
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    Screw Machine Shops - (646 companies)
    Screw machine shops provide high-volume manufacturing of screws and other turned or threaded parts from metals, plastics, and composite materials. How to Select Screw Machine Shops. Image Credit: Vallorbs Jewel Company | CM International Industries... Search by Specification | Learn More

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