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  • SCG-DOW Group Reaches Key Milestone Toward Thailand HPPO Plant Start-Up
    The business provides key ingredients, systems and solutions for rigid, semi-rigid and flexible foams, adhesives, sealants, coatings , elastomers and binders. VORANOL ™ VORACTIV™ polyols exemplify Dow's ongoing initiative to lead the industry in providing high-performance products that meet critical consumer needs.
  • Dow Polyurethanes To Increase Specialty Polyols Capability In Freeport, Texas
    "We're seeing solid growth in all aspects of our business, but are particularly encouraged by growing customer interest in our low-amine emissions VORANOL VORACTIV polyols , as well as customized systems... ...said Doug Warner, business director for Dow Polyols, a business... Growth is driven primarily by demand in automotive, coatings , adhesives, sealants and elastomers (CASE), specialty foams for...
  • Bio-Based Polyols
    The polyurethane carpet backing may be used as a precoat, a laminate or foam coating . In an example, a polyurethane reaction product is made by mixing together in a blend tank, Voranol 9287A polyol , dipropylene glycol, tripropylene glycol, SoyOyl GC5N, Georgia Marble D70 and Dabco T-12. 4/25/03 Aldehydes and alcohols derived from seed oils are converted into polyols for use in polyurethanes.
  • Comparing the effect of carbon-based nanofillers on the physical properties of flexible polyurethane foams
    First, a fixed amount (0.5 phpp, approximately 0.3 wt% in the final foam) of the different carbon nanof- illers was added in the polyol ( Voranol 6150). In order to achieve a good dispersion, the mixtures were initially sonicated for 20 min using an... ...were cryo-fractured perpendicular to the foaming direction and the fracture surface was sputter- coated with gold/palladium.
  • Superabsorbent Polymers
    The fluidization with warm air occurs for approximately 30 minutes, and is stopped when the SAP powder... ...aluminum is used, Dow’s patent recommends producing a solution of aluminum sulfate, and coating the SAP powder... In particular, Dow uses its VORANOL ® propoxylated polyol at a concentration of 500 ppm in the saline solution.
  • 10.2.06 -- Chemical Sector Releases Updated Cyber Security Strategy
    Dow Polyurethanes Launches New Website For VORANOL VORACTIV Polyols Microencapsulation and Particle Coating .
  • Synthesis and molecular weight determination of urethane-based anionomers
    There are various ways of combining polyols and diisocyanates to produce a tailor-made polyurethane (6-7). ...which can be fitted in a wide range of applications as foams, elastomers, coatings , elastomeric fibers and... ...'- dicyclohexylmethane diisocyanate (HleMDI) (Desmodur W)- Bayer A.G.; poly(propylene oxide) (PPG), ( Voranol 2110 (P1), ~r... ...DMPA and HI2MDI were synthesized in bulk using ch'outyltindihurate as catalyst, at 100~C for 2 hours, with...
  • Thermal and mechanical profile of cast films from waterborne polyurethanes based on polyether block copolymers
    Poly- urethane (PU) chains can also be tailor-made and, as aqueous systems, can present similar features related to conventional solvent-borne coatings and many technological advantages, such as low viscosity and good applicability as coatings for different types of substrates [3]. ...segments impart the elastomeric character to PU chains and are commonly formed by low- molecular weight polyols . ...DMPA), Aldrich; hydrazine (HYD), Bayer; isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI), Hu¨lls; poly(propylene glycol) (PPG) Voranol 2110 (Mn = 1300...
  • Urethane Elastomers: Development of TDI-Free Replacement Materials for EN-7
    Table 2 in the brochure had compared different ratios of Poly bd and Voranol 220-530 and... ...two techniques include the casting exotherms with large batches, the A/B processing ratios for machine mixed materials... provided either by functionalities greater than 2 (as in the R45HTL0 butadiene polyol and most of... The molds were Teflon coated steel with 1/8 inch spacers on two opposing edges and aluminum tape...
  • Polyols, Propylene/Ethylene Oxide
    1) for making polyurethane in the form of foam, surface coating , adhesive, elastomer, and sealant, depending primarily on the reaction of the hydroxy1 group of the polyols with the isocyanate groups and (2) for various nonurethane purposes, the most important of which... voranol @P .