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  • Vortex Meters Tap the Motherlode
    and flexible enough to cover diverse applications with¬out major modifications. That description certainly applies to the Innova line of vortex flowmeters and multivariable vortex mass flowmeters from Sierra Instruments Inc., Monterey, Calif The vortex flowmeter provides flow measurement of gases, liquids
  • Vortex Meter Ups Accuracy of Superheated Steam Meas.
    This year marks the 10th anniversary of Flow Control magazine's annual Product Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards program is designed to recognize industry's most compelling advances in fluid handling technology, showcasing new product releases in the categories of fluid measurement, control,
  • Vortex Flowmeter Selection
    the technology of vortex flow meters and the specifications of the Clark Solutions vortex product line. Our goal is to ensure that the vortex meter you select meets the requirements of your specific application. RVL Vortex Flowmeters Technical Bulletin Clark Solutions. INSTRUMENTATION > FLOW
  • Vortex Plate Brings Innovation and Simplicity to Vortex Flow Measurement (.pdf)
    these meters. meter will NEVER need recalibration. All. LIFE-TIME repeatability. Vortex Plate flow meters have a hard. calibration accuracy of 1000th of an inch. tolerance. This allows each Vortex Plate to. have an extremely high repeatability as. B. compared to another vortex meters. For large
  • Core Technology Series Part 3: Multivariable Mass Vortex (.pdf)
    Multivariable Mass Vortex Flow Meter. Sierra was the first to. offer this unique solution for measuring the mass flow of gases, liquids and steam. Vortex shedding flow meters have been in use for many years. The typical device is a flanged in-line unit. Most vortex meters measure only one variable
  • Flow Research Magazine Special Report: Multi-Variable Vortex Flow Meters (.pdf)
    In a "Worldflow Special Report," Flow Research magazine discusses Nice Instrumentation's new line of multi-variable vortex flow meters. This article also notes how a recent American Petroleum Institute draft standard may spur growth in the vortex flow meter market. Market Barometer Q2 2007.pdf
  • Case Study: Flanged Vortex Plate Minimizes Costs and Measures Low-Flow (.pdf)
    from summer to winter months. • 8 Flanged Vortex Plate 4300. meters were installed. Powertech Solutions in New York City &. Philadelphia only specs Nice Flanged. The utility wanted to stick with a durable heavy duty meter. Vortex Plate flow meters for their utility. with no moving parts. They did
  • Velocity Meters
    Velocity meters operate linearly with respect to the volume flow rate. Because there is no square-root relationship (as with differential pressure devices), their range ability is greater. Examples of velocity meters include turbine meters, electromagnetic meters, vortex meters, and ultrasonic