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  • Compressed Air and Vortex Cooling Tubes-Image
    Compressed Air and Vortex Cooling Tubes - (44 companies)
    ...inadequate cooling and may draw in dirty moist air, which can be another cause of failure. With no moving parts to wear out, compressed air and vortex cooling tubes can be used to cool electrical cabinets and control panels. Compressed air and vortex... Learn More
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    Cores and Tubes - (44 companies)
    Typically, both types of plastic products are extruded. When selecting plastic cores and tubes, there are several parameters to consider. These include tube shape, wall thickness, and cap-and-plug options. Most plastic tubes and plastic cores... Learn More
  • Heat Exchangers-Image
    Heat Exchangers - (1472 companies)
    ...them inside the shell. The flow of the secondary fluid is directed by fixed vanes in the shell known as baffles, which also provide support for the bundles of tubes. Shell & tube heat exchangers are the most versatile type, and account for nearly 60%... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Material Handling and Pneumatic Conveying Blowers-Image
    Material Handling and Pneumatic Conveying Blowers - (89 companies)
    Material handling and pneumatic conveying blowers move air through an enclosed system to transport materials. They generate tremendous air flow in a tube (often by a vacuum) to pull granular materials, papers, powders, or pellets from one location... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Evaporative Coolers-Image
    Evaporative Coolers - (144 companies)
    This second stage is the same as a direct cooler. With indirect evaporative coolers, the pre-cooled air passes through a permeable, wet pad and picks up humidity. Because the air was pre-cooled and cannot hold as much moisture as warm air, less humidity... Learn More
  • Pressure Blowers and Fans - (133 companies)
    Pressure blowers and fans are used to create and sustain a positive pressure for inflatable structures, clean rooms, laboratories, and medical facilities. Pressurization blowers are fans that create a positive pressure in a sealed or restricted environment. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Fans and Blowers (industrial) - (1561 companies)
    Industrial fans and blowers are designed to move air and/or powders in industrial and commercial settings. Typical applications include air circulation for personnel, exhaust or material handling. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Cabinets and Casework - (722 companies)
    ...components. They are made of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum, glass, or composite materials. Cabinets are rectangular storage unit with doors, shelves, and drawers. They may be free-standing or wall-mounted. Cabinet doors have handles and hinges... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • HVAC Fans and Blowers - (289 companies) pre-heated or cooled. Types of HVAC fans and blowers include: Vents or ventilation fans. Plenum fans. Duct fans. Duct blowers. Roof fans. Exhaust fans. Inline fans. Tube axial fans. Vane axial fans. Centrifugal blowers. Performance Specifications... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Vortex Flow Meters - (120 companies)
    How to Select Vortex Flow Meters. Flanged Vortex Meter. Flow Meter. Vortex Flowmeter. Image Credit: Nice Instruments | Badger Meter | Endress + Hauser. Vortex flow meters are flow sensors that detect the frequency of vortices shed by a bluff body... Search by Specification | Learn More
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This white paper discusses four popular options. for cooling electronic/electrical equipment housed. in enclosures and cabinets. These options include. thermoelectric air conditioners, compressor-based. air conditioners, vortex coolers and air-to-air heat. exchangers (heat pipes). Each cooling...

The following case study explains. how natural gas pipeline powder. coater EB Pipe Coating (Panama. City, Fla.) used four Vortex A/C electrical. enclosure coolers to solve space. and configuration issues posed by. conventional air conditioners on an. OEM powder coating system. Nordson Organic March...

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