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Jewell Instruments, LLC
Jewell Instruments Analog Panel Meters

Modutec S-Series. Surface mount became the standard in the industry when it was introduced and copied by every other meter manufacturer. Today it is still our most popular model. (Mounting Bezel also available) Available in sizes 1.5 ″ up to 5.5 ″. Available Inputs: Available with DC, AC Iron Vane, and AC Rectified inputs. DC: uA, mA, A, mV, V, Pyrometer (Thermocouple), DVU. AC: mA, A, V, VU, Frequency. Plus custom designed inputs and scales. Modutec W-Series. Window mount...

Badger Meter
Badger Meter Industrial Oval Gear Meters

Robust, exacting flow measurement for a wide variety of demanding applications. Industrial Oval Gear Meter. The Badger Meter Industrial Oval Gear meters are designed to function in applications that require an accurate volume dispense measurement in water solutions or any other liquid substance. The handheld's rugged, shock-resistant plastic cover is similar to that used for power tools. It protects the meter from harsh and demanding environments. Applications: Petroleum, chemical, fuel...

Eastern Instruments
CentriFlow Meter: More Accurate than Impact Meters

How It Works. The secret to the CentriFlow ® Meter's accuracy lies in its zero-friction design, which is based on the principal of centripetal force. As particles travel over the measurement pan they travel in a circular path that accelerates them inwards towards the center of the circle along a radius. Because the particles are sliding across the curved measurement pan in this circular motion, the acceleration of the particles generates a centripetal force in the direction...