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  • Panel Meters

    susceptibility. Many special types & options: center zero, offset, RF, VU, high. Custom scales &. shock, illuminated, custom scaling, color dials. legends can be ordered. Analog Meter Relay - Indication with Relay Contact Outputs. Typical size: 3½-4½ " rectangular. Typical accuracy: 2% of reading DC, 3% AC

  • Medical Device Link .

    using the company 's proprietary Total Vu software. Testing systems measure material 's elastic and damping properties. A PC-based nondestructive testing system can measure the elastic and damping properties of materials at room temperature as well as at high temperatures. Using the impulse

  • ePanorama.net - Circuits

    get BF256A 5 mA BF256B 10 mA BF256C 15 mA This current limiting idea was taken from an old Elektor Electronics circuit book and article T. Giesberts: Passive VU Meter, Elektor Electronics, February 1996, pages 40-41. The example circuits used BF256 to limit the current of normal LED, but it can

  • Mounting and maintenance of antifriction wire race bearings

    operating temperature. Contents. • Rotate the bearing while re-lubricating. Page. The re-lubricating intervals are dependant on the application. The following table shows. guide values: 1. General notes. 3. Circumferential speed Vu [m/s]. Re-lubrication interval [h]. 1.1. Used symbols. 3. 0 bis < 3

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  • Analog Varh Meter

    Hi dears : how can analoge varh meter comute the reactive energy ( working theory ). thanks

  • My cell fitness test will fine-tune your health

    Victor Darley-Usmar measures how well cells make energy under stress - and says his system could be as useful to doctors as a blood pressure meter

  • New Handheld Rechargeable Portable Mass Flow Meters from Alicat

    Alicat Scientific, Inc., releases its new rechargeable portable gas mass flow meters. With 18 hours of continuous operation on a single charge and +/-0.8% of reading accuracy, these handheld meters...

  • Abot Condensing Water Vapor

    I have 3.13 kg/ meter 3 dischage of water vapor i want to condense it by liquid nitrogen. Pressure of vapor is 7.05 bar and velocity is 30.85 meter / second. I have to cool it from 839 kelvin to 290 kelvin. How much nitrogen i required and what is the coasting of it??

  • Active Power Measurement at Very Low pf (0.003)

    Hi, We want to measure active power consumed by highly inductive air core coil - full load current around 177 A, 50Hz, inductance 205 mH. Since the power factor is very low, different power meters show different readings. Which Active power meter would you recommend for this application &amp; why

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Panel Components & Systems, Inc.
ST70 & ST90 Series Analog Panel Meters

PC &S' ST series of analog meters are all built to ANSI C39.1 standards. We offer a number of models that are UL and CE approved. Models are available in most standard sizes, scales and input ranges. Choose from a broad selection of AC and DC ammeters, voltmeters and frequency meters, DC process indicators, kilowatt, kilovar and power factor meters. – – –. Choose from available options such as panel gaskets, NEMA 4, rectified movements (from 25-1000Hz), improved accuracy...

Panel Components & Systems, Inc.
Multitek M300 Digital Panel Meter

The digital panel meter range, known as the M300 series is primarily designed for use in the power industry, but offers a wide range of both AC and DC input parameters. The applications are limitless. Customer adjustment of both "ZERO" and "SPAN" is permissible via potentiometers, accessible from the rear of the product. The meters are 3 ½ digit with a digit size of 14.2mm (0.56") high, 7 segment matched LEDs allowing viewing from a wide range of angles and distances. Essentially...

Panel Components & Systems, Inc.
SMPS Battery Chargers

Available in 12V and 24V in 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 10A outputs, we offer these battery chargers with inputs of 120V,AC or 240V,AC. The latest series of SMPS chargers has ammeter and voltmeter displays on select 12V@10A,DC and 24V@10A,DC models. Open chassis, metal cased design is suitable for bolt and stud mounting in an enclosed panel. DIN mount units are also available. The entire SMPS line offers a wide operating voltage range, float charging system, rectifier fail output, charge fail, boost charge,...