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  • International Encyclopedia of Robotics: Applications and Automation Volume 3 Complete Document
    … robots, 1947-1954 Voice programming, 1199-1202 robot communications, 157 Voice-recognition controls: marine industry, 1842 motion control, 1952 supervisory control teleoperators, 1742 and unmanned factories, 1867 Volkswagen, flexible manufacturing systems (FMS), 550 … … Neumann, John, 781, 1081 Vulcan , 81, 88, 1078 WABOT … bottom plate fastening, 43-44 bush coupling , 44 flange-counter flange assembly, 44 tacking, 43 electric motors …
  • CR4 - Thread: Orifice Flow Meters and Vibrations
    As Spock Vulcan said, don't put any flow meter (or for that matter any meter or even … Why don't you isolate the vibration from the pipeline? all our machines we make, the lube lines are vibration isolated using either flexible hoses or isolation couplings .
  • CR4 - Thread: 4 Stage Multistage Pump Tripping
    … JohnDG (1); Kilowatt0 (1); lyn (2); pnaban (1); r marara (2); SHOCKHISCAN (1); Spinco (1); Vulcan (1 Next in Forum: Stepped Vs Flexible Coupling - Pipe Fitting .
  • First In Situ Lattice Strains Measurements Under Load at VULCAN
    Planned induction heating or lamp furnace will provide the capability for coupled thermo- mechanical tests. More details and capabilities of this VULCAN multiaxial load frame can be found in Reference 15. The interchangeable guide-collimator system provides a flexible means to select either high-resolution or high-intensity …
  • 3-dimensional fabrication of soft energy harvesters
    … 3D printed parts by water jet, the parts were spray coated with a flexible silicone conformal coating … The electrodes consisting of 2 parts by weight crushed carbon black (Cabot Vulcan XC72) and 8 parts … … a frame around its edge to highlight the ability to integrate structures for coupling the generator to …
  • Bis‐Azobenzene Crosslinkers for Photocontrol of Peptide Structure
    … of collagen-like peptides and SH2 domain bind- ing peptides, despite having a flexible methylene unit as … In an attempt to couple a high yield of photoisomerization to a relatively large end-to-end … … positions have been reported in the patent literature as coloring agents (e.g., Vulcan Fast Yellow, Pigment …
  • Fast plasma heating in a cone-attached geometry—towards fusion ignition
    A 100 TW, short-duration laser pulse was coupled to this novel geometry target that allowed simultaneous … The Vulcan laser facility at RAL has both a 100 TW and a PW capability and is sufficiently flexible to investigate the details of electron energy transport in high-density plasmas to elucidate the efficiency of the heating process, but is nevertheless …
  • BETHE-Hydro: An Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian Multi-dimensional Hydrodynamics Code for Astrophysical Simulations
    … to ask is: could the results seen by Burrows et al. (2006) be numerical artifacts of VULCAN ? BETHE-hydro will be coupled with the 2D mixed-frame radiation transport scheme of Hubeny & Burrows … … and a general gravity solver, we expect it to be a powerful and flexible numerical tool, able …
  • Onset of self-assembly
    … and Noolandi12 for flexible poly- mer networks, and that of Kroy and Frey13 for semi- flexible networks. … to the paper of Castillo and Geldart14 , who use a φ3 field theory, coupled to the replica … The mean field ap- proximation is expected to be correct16 for the vulcan - .
    … volute volvox vomits voodoo vortex votary voters voting votive vowels vowing voyage voyeur vulcan vulgar vulvae vyings … … cottons cottony couched couches cougars coughed coulees coulomb council counsel counted counter country couples coupled coupler couplet … … flawing flaying flecked fledged fledges fleeing fleeced fleeces fleeted fleeter fleshed fleshes fleshly flexing flexion flexors flexure …

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