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  • VME Extensions for Instrumentation (VXI) and Modular Interface Extension (MIX)
    VME extensions for instrumentation (VXI) is an electrical and mechanical standard used mainly with automatic test equipment (ATE). VXI allows equipment from different vendors to work together in a common control and packaging environment. Modular interface extension (MIX) is a high-performance
  • LAN Extensions for Instrumentation (LXI) Overview
    aspects of medium sized combinational systems, while VXI-based systems have dominated the high-channel count application market. However, GPIB is now being challenged by the need for ever increasing bandwidth and higher data transfer rates. Many other standards have been advertised as the next
  • Software Overview
    . instruments. VXIbus software components can be considered. hardware driver. Examples of this: Agilent-GPIB for. analogous to the software components associated with. an Agilent GPIB interface card, or NI-VXI for National. a desktop computer communicating with an external. Instruments MXI interfaces
  • Microwave Switching
    -the-. shelf (COTS) hardware solutions has influenced the. VXI Technology incorporates dedicated state-of-. microwave switch subsystem arena as well. Systems. the-art 3-D design and assembly tools, specifically. can now be configured in reusable slices that can be. SolidWorksTM, to ensure that component
  • Hardware Integration with NI LabVIEW
    instrument driver. LabVIEW includes functions for interfacing with major instrument control standards such as GPIB, Serial (RS232, RS485, and RS422), USB, VXI, PXI, Ethernet, IEEE 1394, VISA, Modbus, and OPC Servers. Quickly Find the Right Driver Software. At, you can find thousands of free drivers
  • Elma Bustronic Upgrades VME64x Extender Board with Aluminum Latches
    board accommodates use in 160mm and 220mm chassis. Elma Bustronic also offers extender boards in VXI, VME, and CompactPCI architectures. Other system accessories include load boards, power interface boards, shelf managers, system/voltage monitors, and more. Copyright © Bustronic Corporation. All rights
  • Configuring Functional ATE Systems
    automated instrumentation platforms at the. smaller than expected budget could mean that you need. disposal of a systems designer in addition to GPIB,. to revisit and refine your test specifications, possibly. including VXI, VME, ISA/PCI/Compact PCI and Ethernet-. eliminating tests that might require
  • VME Backplanes and Accessories: Making Life Easy for Designers
    DIP-switches where each signal, power, and ground line can be individually isolated. Models can be found in VME, VME64x, and VXI (and CompactPCI) form factors. Using a similar design concept, form factor extenders allow a designer to adapt boards of different depths for use in the same VMEbus system