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Parts by Number for Wafer Robot Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
Robot Calibration Kit 300mm   PTB Sales, Inc. Vacuum Chambers and Components Applied Materials Precision 5000 (P5000). Cryo pumps. Dry pumps. Power supplies. Turbo pumps. VAT valves. Wafer robots. Water chillers. Call us for the system components you need.
Motoman CR3 Robot   RobotWorx Robots (Industrial) and one for exhaust) run up to the wrist and are built in to eliminate dust. Two internal solenoid valves also serve for tool operation. The MOTOMAN-CR3X has a high degree of freedom for handling wafer cassettes, hard disk cassettes, and small LCDs.

Conduct Research Top

  • RF Wafer Testing: An Acute Need, and Now Practical (.pdf)
    automated. measurements. This means that a robot delivers the wafer, the calibration standard, and. the probe card to where they are needed. In other words, a major test system design goal. is absolute data integrity without human intervention. If intervention is required, it should. be accomplished
  • Next Big Challenge for PV Makers: Wafer Handling
    to wafer transfer boats, " he says. One factor that is complicating the task of handling solar-cell material is a trend toward thinner silicon wafers. Raw silicon has been expensive and in short supply. So there is an incentive to use as little as possible. This has led the industry to find ways
  • Robots That Teach Themselves
    A "feel your way around " strategy can let robot arms learn their surroundings. Robots on production lines must be taught where to move. That is true in spades for robots that move silicon wafers in semiconductor manufacturing. Wafer-handling robots are carefully taught each location from which
    Silicon wafer manufacturer Mitsubishi has ordered $4.5 million worth of automation systems from PRI Automation in Billerica, MA. The gear includes an AeroTrak overhead monorail system, machine-loading robot vehicles, and loading robots for inter- and intrabay transport and storage of 150
  • Absolutely accurate
    . Wafer-handling Scara robots are going to direct-drive configurations to meet the performance demands of modern fabs. The semiconductor industry is beginning to realize it has a good opportunity to drive down its equipment costs. The opportunity concerns the hundreds of Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arms
  • MICRO:Industry News:Order Desk (Oct '99)
    Strasbaugh to use Asyst tool Strasbaugh, a San Luis Obispo, CA based manufacturer of CMP equipment, has bought several wafer-handling robots and linear wafer track systems from Asyst Technologies. The company will integrate the robots in its 200-mm Symphony system. The order includes Asyst's
  • MICRO: Tool/Fab Support Strategies
    Patrick Conarro, Peter Frost, and Gordon Beckhart, Brooks Automation oday's 300-mm wafer fabs depend on automation. Throughput and cycle-time requirements demand the speed and precision of robots and lot movement systems, while contamination concerns dictate that the presence of people in the fab
  • Controls help harmonic spray do OK removing residues
    equipped with Rockwell Software RSView32 human-machine interface software lets operators track machine alarm status, wafer mapping, timing and sensor functions for the Rapid Pulse Clean Series. Inside Planar Semiconductor Inc.'s RPC-200 access doors, a six-axis robot arm transports wafers from input

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