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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
HTM24-10B Global Industrial Heat Trak, Llc. Not Provided Heattrak ® Outdoor Snow & Ice Melting Heated Walkway Mat 2'X 10' 240 Volts
WFS30 Global Industrial National Marker Company Not Provided Walk On Floor Sign - Production Area All Through Traffic Use Designated Walkway
HTM36-15 Global Industrial Heat Trak, Llc. Not Provided Heattrak ® Outdoor Snow & Ice Melting Heated Walkway Mat 3'X 15' 120 Volts
HTM48-6 Global Industrial Heat Trak, Llc. Not Provided Heattrak ® Outdoor Snow & Ice Melting Heated Walkway Mat 4'X 6' 120 Volts
HF 80-150B Global Industrial KEMF Inc. Not Provided Hotflake ™ Outdoor Heated Anti-Slip Walkway Mat-32" X 56" 240v
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  • Ramsey Silent Chain Drives High Speed Moving Walkway
    Millions of people every day use the products of one of the leading. escalators and moving walkways companies in the world. Their escalators. and moving walkways effectively transport people safely, comfortably. and quickly. With their new high-speed walkway, company engineers were looking
  • Pedestrian Walkway: Delivering A Safe, Movable Ferry Bridge On-Time With Nook Ball Screw Jacks
    Isleburn Mackay & Macleod Ltd. designs and fabricates systems and components for large marine-based structures. Recently, the firm won a contract to design and manufacture a movable, covered, pedestrian walkway at the Aberdeen Ferry Terminal in Aberdeen, Scotland. Northlink Ferry Company operates
  • Safety Standards for Slips, Trips and Falls
    According to the National Safety Council, compensation and medical costs associated with employee slip and fall accidents are approximately $70 billion annually. There are many factors that contribute to slip and fall accidents such as footwear type, walkway type, surface levelness, surface texture
  • Lime Removal in Paper Mill Enhances Worker Safety
    to pipes, walkways and hand rails. The lime build-up must be removed periodically to protect employees from the risk of chemical burns. Removal must be done while the recaust area equipment is operating.
  • Electric Snow Melt System Evaluation Utilizing Infrared Imaging (.pdf)
    This paper explains the use of Infrared Imaging as a method to quickly and efficiently determine the operational ability of snow melt systems for roof, valley, gutters and downspouts. It could also be easily utilized for these other heat trace cable systems: ?Pavement and Walkway Snow Melt Systems
  • "Building Green is Easy" (.doc)
    think about rising energy costs, referendums, rising salaries, a recession, global warming, and the unsettling world conflicts. But what about your mechanical systems, your roofs, walkways with gum spots everywhere and black scuff marks that create a grey-like pathway, bathroom tiles that smell
  • Analyze your close calls
    the framework of the conveyor system. A walkway about 10 ft from the conveyor gives maintenance personnel access to the equipment for inspection at least once a shift. No safety guards were in place on the sides of the conveyor, despite evidence on the ground that large pieces of aggregate hit the vertical
  • Soil Secrets Probed
    laboratory. Hatfield says the major limitation of most facilities is that the soil is exposed to ambient weather conditions. Thus, root systems being studied are affected by the temperatures of soil surrounding the facility and of nearby access areas or walkways. "Unlike those rhizotrons, the NSTL facility
  • Going the (Short) Distance With Wireless
    data about 20 ft, and walkway excavations stopped. Anecdotes such as these make people aware that wireless technology, which is frequently used in factories and other industrial settings where I/Os must be sent from a remote area to an operator located several miles away, can also make sense if data

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