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  • soldering Wires Onto Three Connector Tabs on a Three Position Wall Socket Plug (.pdf)
    Customer is currently using a soldering iron & individually touching each soldering point which is producing inconsistent results and quality issues. By using induction heating the customer produces consistent, repeatable clean joints.
  • BGA Socket with Heatsink for High Power Devices
    or horizontal. - Heatsink material (aluminum or copper typically for machined parts). - Maximum temperature to be allowed at die. - Ambient conditions of air and wall temperature and pressure (altitude). - Heatsink color (Black can be significantly more efficient than white). Thermal Resistance
  • Fiber Laser Marking of Plastic: Polycarbonate
    them between commodity plastics and engineering plastics. Products such as drinking bottles, baby bottles, mugs, bowls, wall sockets or dimmers, iMac shells or iPod cases, medical syringes or medical tubes are made out of polycarbonate. Such a plastic is extensively used in a wide range of products
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply Reference Design
    At times, power from a wall socket is neither clean nor uninterruptible. Many abnormalities such as blackouts, brownouts, spikes, surges, and noise can occur. Under the best conditions, power interruptions can be an inconvenience. At their worst, they can cause loss of data in computer systems
  • Fiber Laser Marking of Plastic: ABS
    ABS, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a common thermoplastic used to make light, rigid, moulded products such as wall sockets, keyboards etc. Many industries use ABS in a wide range of products due to its mechanical properties which are good for impact resistance even in low temperatures
  • Computer Power User Article - What's Happening
    With Netgear s new Powerline HD Ethernet Adapter your house is already wired to deliver streams of hi-def data at high speeds through a wall socket. Before investing in that Pre-N Wi-Fi equipment, home networkers might consider just plugging their laptop network connectors into the wall socket
  • A Fuel Cell in Your Phone - By David Voss - p.2 - April 2002 FCT -
    dead. You must either connect it to a charger plugged into the wall socket or throw it away preferably in the recycle bin because of toxic ingredients like cadmium and mercury. And batteries aren't likely to get much better; virtually every chemical combination has been tried, says Shimshon
  • Outlets for Patient Care Areas (.pdf)
    In cases where the number of wall sockets available to access electrical power is inadequate, a power strip may be used to provide additional receptacles. Most power strips consist of a housing containing a strip of electrical outlets. The receptacles are connected to an electrical cord with a plug

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