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  • Analysis and enhancement of planning and scheduling applications in a distributed simulation testbed
    This enables a company to optimise not only opera- tional processes such as shop floor or warehouse opera- tions but also business processes such as planning , order management and scheduling through simulation using the same software infrastructure.
    TPO integrates data from the ERP’s order management and inventory warehouse modules, CAD software , and production floor systems to automatically create optimized production plans for manufacturerswhoproducecompositecomponentsfortheaerospace, wind energy, personal armor, industrial fabrics and sports & leisure industries.
    The foremost software application developed during the early 1970s to help warehouses to plan inventory and shop floors to plan production was materials requirement planning (MRP).
  • SPESA EXPO To Highlight Advanced Technology In Special IT Showcase And Cool Zone Exhibits
    ...will include information technology exhibits comprising a wide range of IT and software solutions including computer aided... (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), computer aided engineering... ...aided manufacturing (CAM), shop floor control (SFC), supply chain management (SCM), warehouse management systems (WMS), and...
    *M-Trak (point to point tracking) *Visiprise Management (Shop Floor Management) * Warehouse Automation Control *Kinaxis(Management Reports) *ePro (Requisitions and Purchase orders) *Wide Area Work Flow(invoicing,receipt and acceptance linkto customer) · ElSegundo North (Inventory, Requisitions, Manufacturing Resource Planning Software .
  • An integrated and adaptive decision-support framework for high-tech manufacturing and service networks
    ...with high fidelity all value-creation processes along a supply chain (not only operational processes such as shop- floor or warehouse operations but also business processes such as planning , order management and scheduling... ...the corresponding business application software for critical processes from...
  • Taking complete control.
    ...wide range of IT systems available for different applications (monitoring stock control, production, warehousing , distribution and financing; development of software specifically for small companies... ...incorporating flexible enterprise resource planning systems and enabling incorporation... ...computers on the factory floor and programmable control systems...
  • Service, value networks and learning
    ...process, upon decomposition may lead to order configuration by the customer using the internet, order validation by an intelligent software system within the firm... ...filling to the factory floor or to a supplier (if the product is warehoused at a supplier), order... ...with other processes that largely involve SCM and marketing such as compliance, security, collaborative planning and integration.
  • Building Toxic Metal Characterization and Decontamination Report: Area 6, Building 914
    However, the hotspot sampling plan did not account for the racks and shelves located throughout the warehouse . Therefore, IH determined that if a floor hotspot sample point was below a rack, each shelf on... The sampling plan design utilized the Visual Statistical Program (VSP) software to detect areas of potential elevated values with a 95/95 percent confidence level.
  • How will "it" support future business needs? Microsoft & the manufacturing industries
    They can build powerful Production Data Warehouses which integrate shop floor data from SCADA systems to schedulingand planning systems, thus filling the informationgap between productioncontrol and planning. Microsoft provides the infrastructure tools, which are only the foundation for the applications software and solutions required...
  • Handbook of Industrial Engineering: Technology and Operations Management - Subject Index
    ...analysis (human–computer interaction), 1206–1211 background information for, 1206 data collection / analysis, 1208–1210 task allocation, 1210–1211 user profiles, 1207–1208 work practices models, 1210 Contingency factors: budgeting for, 1344 warehousing , 1530 Contingent decision making... ...49 and enterprise resource planning , 336, 337 management of... See also Monitoring AI approaches to, 1775–1782 commercial software , 1782 fuzzy set theory, 1781–1782 genetic algorithms (GA... SUBJECT INDEX component-speci�?cation methodology of, 1774 shop- floor application modules in, 1774– 1775 cost, see Cost...
  • Autonomous Cooperation and Control in Logistics
    ...263 reactivity and data volume scalability, 264 reliability criteria, 259–261 classification, 254 data warehouse , 254, 255 enterprise... ...scheduling and buffer clearance, 101 Flow-line manufacturing system, 101 first in-first out (FIFO), 102 hybrid model, 103 production line, 101 shop floor scenario, 101 Vensim DSS software , 102, 103 Food logistics... ...Kriging method, 209 logistical planning process, 207 passive RFID...
  • Barcode Empires: Politics, Digital Technology, and Comparative Retail Firm Strategies
    Next, they began using more complicated merchandise planning and demand management software to begin organizing and analyzing the stream of sales data routinization produced. Along with complementary store changes (such as decreased warehouse space and increased sales floor space) these technologies allowed larger stores, larger store networks, increased product diversity and knowledge, all while reducing non-sales inventories.
  • Psipenta Expands ERP Product Line for Discrete Manufacturers
    nta USA Inc., a provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for the mid-size capital equipment industry, is expanding its product portfolio to include the ECI line of warehouse logistics products. nta's parent company, Berlin-based PSI AG, recently acquired a... "The ECI solution extends our PSIPENTA ERP offerings from the factory floor to the warehouse for a...
  • Integrated Product Development At Design And Manufacturing, Company, National And International Level Based On Computer
    warehousing , manufacturing resources planning (MRPII), computer software &L hardware and expert systems. ...of product development time, cost, shorter time to market, reduced inventory, reduction of floor space requirement, quicker...