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  • Flow Switches for Oil/Gas Refinery Water Treatment
    applications that range from pump protection to valve leak detection. In selecting a flow switch for refinery water applications, the first step is choosing the appropriate flow switch technology. There are numerous flow switch sensing technologies available from multiple manufacturers. They all have
  • Application: Water Flow Volume Measurement Sensor (.pdf)
    tested. Applications. • Ideal for sensing the rotation of a paddle. wheel in a water filter. Figure 3. Water flows slower through clogged filter producing measurement with replace. • Ideal for applications sensing rotation in a host. filter status light. of different configurations. Re. R e. e d. e. d
  • Advancements in Wet-to-Wet Pressure Sensing
    Whitepaper. Advancements in Wet-to-Wet Pressure Sensing. Learn how remote sensing technology. reduces labor & material costs. OVERVIEW. The HVAC industry is a well-established, multibillion-dollar business that. employs thousands of contractors who install systems for energy. management, process
  • Ozone Gas Flow Monitoring for Water Treatment Systems (.pdf)
    of the chemical byproduct problems experienced with the use of chlorination. Ozone treatment systems also produce no odors or after-taste, which makes the finished water more palatable. ./2078b90a-8398-440c-b83f-27a754cc9226 Technical Publication. Ozone Gas Flow Monitoring. for Water Treatment Systems
  • The Science of Selecting a Liquid Level Float Switch
    and material, knowledge of several scientific principles related to fluids is valuable during the float switch selection process. Click here to download this Level Advice as a printable PDF file (120k). Examples of slosh shields. One of the most common level-sensing switches used in industrial
  • Application: Hot Tub & Spa Water Heating System Sensor (pdf)
    and screw fastening mounting. • Contacts dynamically tested. Applications. • Ideal for sensing spring movement in water. flow systems within a hot tub or spa. Figure 3. Water flow causes the spring magnet to move into proximity with reed switch. • Ideal for applications sensing any type of. causing
  • Application: Smart Utility Sensor for Gas, Water and Electricity (.pdf)
    mounting and through hole mounting. • Contacts dynamically tested. Applications. • Ideal for sensing the rotation of disks in utility. metering requirements. Figure 3. Switch actuation measures flow and sends reading to meter which transmits. • Ideal for applications sensing rotation in a host
  • Flow Measurement and Control for Small Line or Batch Processes (.pdf)
    1. ounce in liquids and much less than 1 SCFM in gases. Understanding Flow Sensing Technologies. When selecting a flow sensor, flow meter, or flow switch for. your small line or batch process, one of the first considerations. is always the process media: air, gas, steam or liquid. Some flow
  • Application: Adaptable Multi-Point Fluid Level Sensor (.pdf)
    liquids)to 200°C for pressure heated water and other special liquids. Meeting these extremes is no easy matter. MEDER's new LS04 series attacks these extremes along with multiple sensing points and multiple floats. Therefore, liquid baths having two or more different liquids with different densities
  • Medical Device Link .
    such as spirometers, oral drug delivery systems, and oxygen therapy equipment all involve pressure sensing of a fluid in some manner. Now, solid-state pressure sensing devices, which can provide more functionality than a simple switch, are taking the place of mechanical sensors in this product class

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