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  • Application: Water Flow Volume Measurement Sensor (.pdf)
    wheel, and the. Reed Sensor is mounted strategically such that. the magnetic field of magnet will be sensed with. Figure 2. Water flows through unclogged filter producing flow measurement with good. each rotation of the paddle wheel. filter indicator light. • The reed switch used in the Reed
  • Pharmaceutical Waters (.pdf)
    . wire conductivity transmitter has. the USP Stage One table pre-. Sensors: programmed in its software. When. enabled, the transmitter will send a. SC42-SP34 Large-Bore Conductivity Sensor (fittings available for. FAIL signal when the water. Flow-Thru, Insertion, or Immersion installations). exceeds
  • Application: Hot Tub & Spa Water Heating System Sensor (pdf)
    and overheating of essential. flow components resulting in some serious damage to the hot tub. Hot tub. designers have found a reliable solution using MEDER’s reed sensors. Figure 1. MK17-X-3 Sensor physical layout. Features. • Magnet and Reed Sensor are isolated and. have no physical contact by typically
  • Micro-Optical Sensor Use in Boundary Layer Flows with Polymers and Bubbles (.pdf)
    boundary layer flows in the presence. These sensors have been tested in water. of polymer or bubbles at high Reynolds numbers. tunnels and at sea, with and without polymer. injection. The presence of polymers and/or. In this paper, an optical instrument, called. bubbles in the flow did not degrade
  • Monitoring Flow Rate in a Channel to Minimize Water Pollution
    CAS DataLoggers provided an intelligent environmental datalogger for a stormwater monitoring project, gathering the data on water flow rate which was then collected underground via USB retrieval. Monitoring Flow Rate in a Channel to Minimize Water Pollution | CAS. Data Loggers for All Applications
  • Micro-Optical Sensors for Boundary Layer Flow Studies (.pdf)
    been achieved using diffractive. Figure 1- Schematic of the shear stress sensor. optic elements. Some of the sensors developed by the authors. principle. are presented here. As particles in the fluid flow through the linearly diverging. fringes, they scatter light to a detector with a frequency f
  • Application: Smart Utility Sensor for Gas, Water and Electricity (.pdf)
    the. volume of water used, the volume of gas used and/or the amount of electricity. being used. Most of these meters used reed sensors to count and measure the. usage for each household. This is done in a power efficient and tamper proof. way using reed sensors. Figure 1. MK17-X-3 Sensor physical
  • Accurate Gas Flow Measurement Improves Water Disinfection Process (.pdf)
    can translate into significant. water treatment plants. reductions in energy usage and thereby result in a more cost. A thermal type flow meter employs a no-moving parts flow. effective process. sensor that is inserted directly into the chlorine gas pipe line with. Many flow meters feature a local LCD