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  • Micro-Optical Sensor Use in Boundary Layer Flows with Polymers and Bubbles (.pdf)
    and full-scale experiments, both in laboratory and at sea conditions. These sensors have been tested in water tunnels and at sea, with and without polymer injection. The presence of polymers and/or bubbles in the flow did not degrade their performance. The sensors also performed well in full-scale
  • Application: Water Flow Volume Measurement Sensor (.pdf)
    of the newer refrigerators, also used in the home, are directly connected to a filtered water line. Designers have chosen MEDER's reed sensors as an inexpensive way to accurately measure the volume of water passing through these filters.
  • Interfacing a water flow meter sensor to an ultrasonic AFE and precision time interval timer
    This is an introduction to ultrasonic flow sensing and describes a demonstration setup to measure velocity of flow in a pipe using an ultrasonic water flow-meter sensor, the TDC1000 ultrasonic analog-front-end (UAFE), and TDC7200 precision time interval timer.
  • Proximity Sensors
    be suitable for a plastic target; an inductive sensor requires a metal target. In capacitive proximity sensors, the sensed object changes the dielectric constant between two plates. Sensing range is usually quoted relative to water. Because changes in capacitance take a relatively long time
  • Application: Hot Tub & Spa Water Heating System Sensor (pdf)
    An essential part of a hot tub is its heating system. There are very high wattage heaters that are designed into hot tubs for quick warm up. If for some reason the water is not flowing and the heaters are activated, the heat would begin boiling and overheating of essential flow components resulting
  • Appliance sensors become hot stuff
    development of the prototype sensor. This is the prototype housing for the liquidlevel sensor. The housing protects the sensing electronics and stabilizes the flow of water around the sensor producing a smoother response to changes in liquid level. This is the prototype water flow-rate sensor housed
  • Medical Device Link . Micromachined Pressure Sensors Reach a New Low
    for high-stability, ultra-low-pressure sensors that can measure flow pressures as low as +-0.5 in. of water. In addition to high sensitivity at low pressure and small size, today's devices require sensors that demonstrate a high level of offset stability, repeatability, and insensitivity to position
  • Hot Cotton: New System Senses Water Stress
    Water stress in crops is caused by drought or poor irrigation. Traditional methods of identifying water stress use sensors to measure water pressure in individual, removed leaves, or the flow of sap through the plant stem. Monitoring soil moisture is also commonly used to determine crop water use

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