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    Take cut piece over to the right-hand side of the water jet cutter and clean the piece using the compressed air gun 23.
  • PD 13(1) Design of a Large Diameter, Deepwater Pipeline
    The concrete and corrosion coatings are removed by water jet guns with special nozzles, operated by ADS, who also operates a hydraulic cutter to remove re-bars.
  • Plastics for construction protection and the emphasizing repair
    ...ground 192 adhesion loss 163 adhesiveness 131 bonding train apparatus 131 bonding train testing apparatus of 131 hand or compressed air gun 355 hand entrostung 437 hand cutter 252 curing agents 30... ...Hochdruck- or maximum pressure water - jet method 256 high pressure...
  • Diagnosing soft tissue rheumatic disorders of the upper limb in epidemiological studies of vibration-exposed populations
    or (chipping adj1 hammer$) or ((road or concrete) adj1 breaker$) or roadbreaker$ or ((nailing or stapling) adj1 gun $) or (metal adj1... ...brush adj1 (saw$ or cutter $)) or (hedge adj1... ...roller$)) or nibbling or ( water adj1 jetting ) or handle- bar$ or...
  • noun.artifact (
    ...building) } { foundry, metalworks, factory,@ (factory where metal castings are produced) } { fountain, fount, plumbing_fixture,@ (a plumbing fixture that provides a flow of water ) } { fountain1, [ jet1, jet ,+ ] noun.event:flow,@... ...artillery,@ (an artillery gun that throws a shot... ...or item forming a piece of a whole) } { fragmentation_bomb, antipersonnel_bomb, anti-personnel_bomb, daisy_ cutter , bomb,@ cluster_bomb...
  • History of Shock Waves, Explosions and Impact
    ...Conflagrations 22 Conservation of motion, LEIBNIZ 222 Contact discontinuities 5 Contact discontinuity lines (slipstreams) 534 Contact mechanics 377 Contact time 48, 150 Continental collision 18 Continuity 244 Cookie cutter , shock tube technique 577... ...dynamics 574, 589 Cosmic jets 873 Cosmic magnetohydrodynamics 574... ...Crusher gauge, Andrew NOBLE 135, 353 Crushing 50 Cryogenic engines 1090 Cryptography 1189 Cryptovolcanic structure (cryptoexplosion structure) 497 Current-carrying conductors, explosive deformation 590 Current pulse experiment, in water 768 Curvature of space... ...469 Cutting-wire gauge ( gun ) 1004 Cyanide gas explosion...
    The FPVs are described as 50 kt interceptors powered by water �? jets or wave piercing propellers, with accommodation for 5�?6 crew and a 12 hr autonomy. They will have radio, radar and a light machine gun and will be delivered at a similar date to the cutters .
  • Polymeric materials and processing equipment
    The cutter is enclosed in a casing within which a pressurized water jet is played tangentially. FW Berk and Co., Ltd., engineering division (Britain) exhibited plastic spray guns (Fig. 2).