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  • David Allen Company Broadens Artistic Vision with Water Jet
    including zinc, aluminum, brass, plywood templates, stone, ceramic and glass for commercial flooring projects, residential countertops and miscellaneous rush jobs. The shop cuts with two abrasive jet heads and utilizes Jet Edge's patented Dual Pressure Valve to raise and lower water pressure
  • Edmonton Water Jet Shop Experiences 9 Straight Years of Growth
    , Gerke noted. The coupons are typically steel that has been overlaid with a very hard material such as tungsten carbide or ceramic. "The Fort McMurray Tar Sands are full of sand and abrasive and they are very hard on equipment so companies such as Syncrude and Suncor are trying to come up with a wear
  • what is waterjet cleaning
    the water stream into small droplets, which impact the surface of the coating. This causes small pieces of the coating to erode off the surface, leaving the substrate intact. The other mechanism of removal is delamination, which is used on softer coatings such as paint, adhesives, ceramic and abradable
  • Medical Device Link .
    is mixed with the water in a ceramic tube, and a stream of abrasive-laden water exits the nozzle at 1000 ft/sec. Mounted to the cutting table is an x-y-axis whose drive mechanisms include tool-grade linear bearings, brushless servomotors, and high-precision ball screws. For more information, call
  • Medical Device Link .
    , and other applications where particle emissions must be tightly controlled. Fanuc Robotics, Rochester Hills, MI Ceramic servomotors. Ceramic servomotors are available for precision motion control applications. The motors are suited for operation in standard, vacuum, and UHV
  • Common HydroSense Questions and General Information Guide (.pdf)
    . �� Common HydroSense Questions and General. Information Guide. 1. Introduction to hydrocarbons and monitoring. 2. HydroSense measurement technique and what it detects. 3. Hazardous Locations. 4. Filtering the Sample. 5. Pumps. 6. Ceramic Test Tile. 7. Users List. 8. Sample Specification. 9. Sample
  • Medical Device Link .
    Systems AG (Biel-Bienne, Switzerland), the ball bearing structure differs from radial ball bearings in that the raceway consists of four inclined planes. For biocompatibility, the rings and ball separator are made from a titanium alloy and the ceramic balls from a zirconium oxide called myrox
  • Surfaces That Make a Difference (.pdf)
    , thermally. coatings consist of an oxidation-. sprayed abradables ensure that the. resistant bond coat and a thermal-. clearance between moving and. ly resistant ceramic top coat, usu-. static parts is nearly zero, reduc-. ally a yttria-stabilized zirconia. ing gas leakage in the shroud. (YSZ