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  • Batch Filling Valves Saves Time and Money - Assured Automation Angle Valve Improves Production Capacity
    with since it uses all industry-standard products (valves, weigh scales, regulators, etc.). The Result. The plant operators piped all their ingredients to a filling area with an Ares Angle Valve on each line. They used a weigh scale to control the pour of each product. The resulting improvement
  • General Regulator Information - Common Terms
    during. number of U.S. Gallons of water at 60°F / 16°C that. normal functioning. Commonly used for tracking, sub-. will flow through a valve, regulator or restriction in. atmospheric capability or differential pressure control. one minute when the pressure differential between. Burst Pressure
  • Intro to Plastic Valves: Seals
    that they create friction, and in extreme cases will rollover, bind, and ultimately cause the valve to stick. Definition of a Valve or what is a valve. Call Us: (973) 256-3000. Plast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. 1384 Pompton Avenue. Cedar Grove, NJ 07009 USA. Email: Intro to Plastic Valves
  • Improving Reciprocating Compressor Valve Life
    mechanics with experience dealing with compressor maintenance. The people responsible for your valve maintenance, either in-house or at an outside vendor, should have a specification sheet for each valve. If you do not have internal dimensions and tolerances for your valves, use your. Improving
  • Unloader vs. Regulator
    Signup. Distributor Locator. Pumptec | Plunger Piston Diaphragm Pumps. Search. Need Assistance? Call (763) 433-0303. Pumps. Motors. Pump Motor Sets. Parts & Accessories. Repair Kits. Regulators. Spray Guns. Tanks. Unloaders. Upgrade Kits. Systems. Misting Systems. Pressure Washers. Reverse Osmosis
  • Valve Pressure Loss & Flow - Q&A and Equations
    it a "pressure sustaining valve," still another might know it as a "pressure reducer valve." To muddy the waters even further, backpressure regulators are commonly mistaken for pressure regulators. The backpressure regulator is a normally closed valve installed at the END of a piping system to provide
  • 23 Questions and Answers about Water Pressure Reducing Valves
    . This booklet was prepared by. WATTS REGULATOR COMPANY. North Andover, Massachusetts. The following information will familiarize you with water. pressure reducing valves, also typically called regulators. It will emphasize that regulators are not only water pres-. sure controls but are actually "primary
  • Check your Regulator Vent in Cold Weather
    that seem simple and ordinary can go astray. Most natural gas combustion fuel systems incorporate a regulator to allow delivery of the fuel gas at a controlled set pressure to any given appliance.  Those regulators in many cases are located at or near the appliance and indoors.  Most codes require