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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
AG-2550E Global Industrial Resource Conservation Technologies Not Provided Aquaguard Ag-2550e Electronic In-Line Water Sensor For Primary Drain Lines With Secondary Sensor
M-001-0094 Global Industrial Winland Electronics Inc Not Provided Water Detection, Surface Sensor, Supervised
M-001-0106 Global Industrial Winland Electronics Inc Not Provided Water Detection, Surface Sensor, Unsupervised
M-001-0087 Global Industrial Winland Electronics Inc Not Provided High (Red) Water Proof Temp Sensor
AWM3200CR Honeywell Sensing and Control Honeywell Sensing and Control Sensors - Airflow Sensors Airflow Sensor, Signal Conditioning: Amplified; Flow/Pressure Range: 0 mbar to 5.0 mbar [0 in water to 2 in water]; Port Style: Straight; Current Output
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  • Medical Device Link . Selecting Low-Pressure Sensors for Medical Electronics Applications Lower pressure ranges in piezoresistive sensors offer medical electronics designers more options for customizing sensor solutions.
    , sensors and transducers boast pressure ranges down to 4 and 5 in. of water full scale (27.68 in. H O/psi). As a result, these sensors are ideal for applications such as respirators, ventilators, spirometers, and other instruments that require measuring very low pressures and in which the media
  • Blancher Make-up Water Monitoring and Control
    monitor only suspended solids, or refractometers which see only dissolved solids, UV sensors are sensitive to both suspended and dissolved solids in the blancher water. The sensor provides a reliable, real-time indication of overall blancher water quality with a minimum of maintenance. Blancher
  • Monitoring and Alarming Water Leaks in a Library Basement
    underside. The switch closed whenever water created a bridge/connection between the 2 points, which then triggered the base station 's alarm. In this way, the sensor could detect water getting into the basement at levels as shallow as 1/16th of an inch. Connecting the open/close sensor enabled
  • Sensor Sense: IP ratings for sensors
    resist infiltration by foreign materials such as dust and water. These IP67-rated sensors should be able to withstand a water bath without leaking. The system entails various levels of ingress protection identified by the letters "IP " followed by three numerals. The first numeral represents
    APPLICATION SYSTEMS ENGINEERING/DRINKING WATER. Drinking Water. APPLICATION SYSTEMS ENGINEERING. LINKS. TOC Analyzers. New USEPA Rules. DBPR Solutions. Houston, Tx. Case Study. Pre-Engineered Systems. Technical Papers. DRINKING WATER. Treatment. Public Water Treatment methods vary, depending
  • Solution for Irrigation Water
    . of Welling Alberta for solutions. Wilde Bros selected Greyline DFM 5.0 Doppler Flow Meters for the project. The DFM 5.0 is available with a submersible QZ2L ultrasonic sensor and waterproof cable designed for continuous operation under water. Brackets Are Screwed Inside Each. Concrete Culvert for Sensor
  • Instrumentation in Produced Water Applications
    an Endress+Hauser Levelflex FMP55 dual technology (guided radar and. capacitance on the same probe) level sensor. Due to the high rate at which product moves through the separator an emulsion. (Figure 3) can occur at the oil/water interface thereby rendering traditional guided radar useless
  • Application: Hot Tub & Spa Water Heating System Sensor (pdf)
    having the. magnet mounted to a mini paddle wheel, and the. Reed Sensor is mounted strategically such that. the magnetic field of magnet will be sensed with. Figure 2. No water is flowing so the spring magnet is retracted away from the reed switch. each rotation of the paddle wheel. keeping

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