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  • Irrigation Water PH Cpntrol, Irrigation Water Disinfection, Fertigation
    Agriculture accounts for nearly 1/3 of all water usage in the United States. Most of this water is taken as surface water, but an increasing amount is being withdrawn from the water table. Irrigation water usage has nearly doubled since 1950 and continues to increase. This increase has caused more
  • Thermodynamic Properties of Water and Refrigerants
    Thermodynamic Properties of Water and Refrigerants. This reference covers the various properties of water, such as specific volume, enthalpy, and entropy. These properties are listed in tables that can be downloaded for reference.
  • Water Loss Control Manual
    Water Loss Control Manual. With numerous tables, diagrams, charts, graphs, photographs, and basic explanations, this book examines every aspect of water loss and provides simple, effective, tested solutions.
  • Conversion Tables
    centimeter, dyne, degree Fahrenheit, foot, square foot, cubic foot, gram, gallon, gram mole, hour, mercury, water, inch, square inch, cubic inch, joule, kelvin, kilogram, kilopascal, kilo mole, liter, pound, pound force, pound mole, meter, minute, millimeter, square meter, cubic meter, ounce, poise, quart
  • Membrane Processing for Water Treatment in the Semiconductor Industry (.pdf)
    , safety, and lead time will be even higher. Product cycle times in the microelectronics industry are approximately 2 years. This requires an increasing demand on the high-purity water quality. Table A shows how high-purity water specifications have developed over the past decades as the structure
  • Wattage Estimation Table - Kilowatt Hours to Heat Water
  • Water in Acetic Acid & p-Xylene with a ChemView (R) Filter Photometer
    was created using PLSPlus/IQ TM (Galactic Industries) within GRAMS/32 TM. The results show reasonable predictions in the table below. PLS uses the complete spectrum for quantitative analysis. It is apparent from the spectra, however, that water can be analyzed near 1380 nm, independent of pxylene or acetic
  • Measurements at Waste Sites with a Direct Reading Analyzer
    on the underground water tables put both man and nature at great risk. Therefore, in order to minimize the risks, it is important that a fast and reliable method, which can produce results on site, is available to locate these areas.

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