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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
RCS3060-24 Global Industrial Correll Inc Not Provided Correll Water & Chemical Proof Plastic Top Keyboard Height Computer Table, 30" X 60", Mocha Granite
RWS2448-23 Global Industrial Correll Inc Not Provided Correll Water & Chemical Proof Plastic Top Desk Height Computer Table, 24" X 48", Gray Granite
RWS2448-24 Global Industrial Correll Inc Not Provided Correll Water & Chemical Proof Plastic Top Desk Height Computer Table, 24" X 48", Mocha Granite
K-54 Global Industrial Advance Tabco, Inc. Not Provided Water Filler Faucet, Deck Mounted, For Drop-In & Table Mounted Sinks
ELR-12401 Global Industrial Early Childhood Resources Not Provided Ecr4kids ® 2 Station Square Sand & Water Table With Lids
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  • Irrigation Water PH Cpntrol, Irrigation Water Disinfection, Fertigation
    Agriculture accounts for nearly 1/3 of all water usage in the United States. Most of this water is taken as surface water, but an increasing amount is being withdrawn from the water table. Irrigation water usage has nearly doubled since 1950 and continues to increase. This increase has caused more
  • A Different Look at Water: Part I
    they are just as real. In established cities where. infrastructure already exists, municipal planners are faced with. aging pipes and pumps, falling water tables and new regulations. that place an additional cost burden on already stretched. resources for treating current water supplies. Ceres
  • Water-Treatment Costs Decrease and Reliability Increases with UPCORE System (.pdf)
    . Page 2 of 5. ™® Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company ( "Dow ") or an affiliated company of Dow. Form No. 177-01976-0503. Water Treatment. The feed water is pretreated with lime decarbonization. Table 1 gives the typical concentration. Operation. of impurities in the feed water. Table 1. Typical feed
  • Water conservation
    typically be higher from process leakage through the bottom rings of packing into the lantern ring area. A time period of 350 days was used for the yearly calculations. Calculations were rounded off for clarity. The results of this study are indicated in Table 1. Table 1 Water Use on Flow Through Packing
  • Water activity in the food industry
    Water activity (aw) or equilibrium. relative humidity (ERH). measures the water vapour. pressure generated by the. water present in a hygroscopic. product. Application note F004 - Water activity in the food Application note: N°F004. July 2011. Water activity in the food
  • Measuring Deuterium Oxide in Water
    One use for D2O or heavy water is as a moderator in pressurized heavy water nuclear reactors. Water is used to transfer the heat energy from the D2O to the steam turbine. The measurement of D2O in water is important to determine whether there are any leaks between the water loop and the D2O loop
  • Produced Water Monitoring (.pdf)
    for various hydrocarbons are shown in Table 1. Third party testing has shown that the PetroSense hydrocarbon probe has a. greater than 95% correlation to a GC when measuring hydrocarbons under laboratory. conditions. 3. Compounds. LDL for water (ppm). LDL for Vapor (ppm). Xylenes (p, o, & m). 0.13
  • Probing Plants' Water Needs
    , fax (806)356-5750. "Probing Plants' Water Needs " was published in the January 1998 issue of Agricultural Research magazine. Click here to see this issue's table of contents. [Top]. Last Modified: 03/08/2007. ARS Home | | Site Map | Policies and Links. FOIA | Accessibility Statement

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