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  • Airborne Fire Trucks
    , a pump system, can fill at 500 gpm even from shallow waters such as this mountain stream. Forest fires have the nasty habit of breaking out in areas fire trucks can't get to, so agencies responsible for putting those fires out must rely on airborne assets to get massive amounts of water on the flames
  • Is water hydraulics in your future?
    Understanding the distinct benefits and challenges of water hydraulics can help you decide if this technology is feasible for your applications. Water hydraulics is used in a surprisingly wide variety of applications not only from food processing to refuse collection trucks, but in automobile
  • Clean water protects a rolling investment
    Truck Wash Technologies, a Canadian company, uses Watts OneFlow, Watts reverse osmosis water purification systems and water softening systems in its effort to become one of the North American leaders in the truck washing industry.
  • How Electric Rotary Valve Actuators Can Optimize Ethanol/Gasoline Blending at Truck Terminals
    of gasoline and ethanol do not occur at the same rate, and the blended mixture has to be isolated from water due ethanol's miscibility in water. For these reasons, many terminals blend in real-time while loading directly into the tanker trucks, but, the required control strategy doesn't allow much
  • Case Study: From Rags to Riches - Elledge waste water facility
    dewatered sludge from their centrifuge to a storage building. From here it was loaded onto trucks and transported to privately owned sites chosen for the City of Winston-Salem Class B Land Application Program.
  • Hydrogen Fueling Gains Mobility | Did Wastewater Cause Columbia 's Disintegration? | Fuel Cell Technologies Signs Contract | April 2003 FCT |
    A R O U N D T H E I N D U S T R Y Sumisho Air Water Co. has developed a mobile hydrogen refueling station to supply fuel cell powered vehicles, reports The Nikkei Weekly. The truck-mounted system is equipped with a high pressure hydrogen dispenser and an ultrahigh-pressure hydrogen storage tank
  • Recycling Liquid Gold: Treating Wastewater in Remote Locations
    The basic economic model of supply and demand is exactly what is taking place in remote drilling locations around the US. For the oil and gas industries, fresh water is a high ticket item and the most productive drilling locations are all entirely dependent on it. Every day, thousands of trucks
  • Case Study: Military Vehicles Get the Robotic Touch
    seriously. Especially for vehicles. Over thirty years ago, the US military established policies and procedures for camouflaging military vehicles: all sizes and shapes of trucks and accompanying trailers, vans, tanks, forklifts, weapons systems, watercraft transporters, even fire trucks and water

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