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  • Water Treatment Plant, Phase II-Smyrna, Tennessee
    Complete Water Plant Monitoring and Control System. ./8ec236de-416d-4a50-b960-89b96e719121 REVERE. CONTROL SYSTEMS. Water Treatment Plant, Phase II–Smyrna, Tennessee. Filter building entrance. Settling basins, chemical feed building, and tanks. Inside permanganate building. Filter gallery
  • Performance Analysis of Venturi Orifice Steam Traps (.pdf)
    Over the last century steam traps have developed with various automatic valve arrangements using buckets, floats, thermostatic and thermodynamic valve arrangements. These traps all have moving parts which, in time, fail either,. a) Closed - causing water-logging, corrosion and in some cases water
  • Water Treatment Plant, County-Wide Expansion-Bonita Springs, Florida
    Plant Monitoring and Control System:. ./4c003371-9e21-4f62-9294-9833d1230519 REVERE. CONTROL SYSTEMS. Water Treatment Plant, County-Wide Expansion–Bonita Springs, Florida. Water Treatment Plant, County-Wide Expansion–Bonita Springs, Florida. Owner: Bonita Springs Utilities; Contact: Jimmy
  • Particulate Scrubbing in Metal Processing (.pdf)
    . Product Literature: (click on links to take you to the literature). Removal Efficiency . 99%. Venturi Scrubber Systems 12-21. MTV Series Rod Scrubbers (MTV design) 12-15. Scrubbing Solution . Water. Materials of Construction. 304 Stainless Steel. VERANTIS 14955 Sprague Road, Suite 250 • Cleveland, OH
  • Pharmaceutical / Nutraceutical Processing Applications: Tablet Press Lubrication
    of lubricant into the process is critical to the overall product quality. If too much lubricant is added the tablet can often become softer than required. This becomes critical in the making of effervescet tablets, where excessive magnesium stearate can actually cause the tablet to repel water, thus
  • Preparation of Drilling Fluids
    Drilling fluids (or drilling muds) have several functions, including carrying bore cuttings to the surface, cooling and lubricating the drill "string" and controlling subsurface pressures. A simple water based mud for horizontal drilling and some vertical operations consists of clay (bentonite
  • Odor Control Systems (.pdf)
    Scrubbers are designed to. Scrubbing. •. Throat. Incineration. remove both heavy and light airborne particulate. processes. matter from exhaust systems, as well as flue and. process gasses. Venturi Scrubbers bring particulate-. • Kiln exhaust. laden air streams together with water at high
  • The Town of Walden Responds to Changing Measurement Needs
    As is the case in many municipalities these days, The Town of Walden's water treatment plant needs changed over time. The town found it now had a requirement to measure finished water. The town's original pump station design did not include a flow meter. The town also had two common problems faced

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