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Personally, its these unchartered waters that I find so exciting about maintenace engineering. There is always a tragic lag between leading (perhaps bleeding) edge (formal and informal) research and academic acceptance, let alone adoption into university curiculum to drive the production of texts...

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510,072,000 km2[13[14[note 5 148,940,000 km2 land (29.2 %)

Environmental Energy Technologies Division News
BETR North America: A Multimedia Contaminant Fate Model

WERDELL, P. JEREMY, AND COLLIN S. ROESLER Remote assessment of...
The objectives were to test the inverse model to predict bottom albedo from measurements of surface reflectance, diffuse attenuation, and water depth

Estimation of near-infrared water-leaving reflectance for...
For waters where this assumption is not valid, an optical model is used to estimate near-infrared water-leaving reflectance.

Doc. No : PO-TN-MEL-GS-0026 MERIS ESL Name : Reference model...
4 0 05/06/01 Complete model, full revision 4 1 13/07/01 Various errata in sections 2, 3, 4.4, 4.5 Copyright ? 2001 ACRI S.A. Doc. No :

MERIS Level 2 Detailed Processing Model
All pages: supersedes 4.2 4 4 25/02/00 Case 2 waters products PCD (section 10, p 10-16 & 10-17) 4 5 07/09/01 Revision after ESA comments Page #

Toxics Program Bibliography-Model - Development
A compartmentalized solute transport model for redox zones in contaminated aquifers--1, Theory and development: Water Resources Research, v. 36, no.

Toxics Program Bibliography-Model - Applications
A compartmentalized solute transport model for redox zones in contaminated aquifers--1, Theory and development: Water Resources Research, v. 36, no.

Climate Dynamics (2005) 25: 497?516 DOI...
and pathways of North Atlantic Deep Water in a coupled ice?ocean model of the Arctic?North Atlantic Oceans Received: 16 November 2004 / Accepted: 27

Comparison of the ocean inherent optical properties obtained...
The a and b values predicted by the model in the blue-green b spectral region show generally good agreement with measurements that covered a broad

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