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  • The Proliferation of Lead-Free Alloys
    , making this alloy attractive. INITIAL WORK. SN100C also attacked stainless steel solder pots less and. By the late 1990s it was evident that the EU would initiate a. was less prone to dissolve the copper on the PWBs. ban of lead in solders for electronics. This ban was to be. SN100C’s main
  • Board-Mounted Power Modules: Soldering and Cleaning (.pdf)
    for your particular circuit. preheat rate of 4 °C/s is suggested. The maximum. board or soldering iron. The exact soldering time and. recommended solder pot temperature is 250 °C, with. temperature for your specific application can be. the solder-wave dwel time of 3 seconds typical and 6. determined
  • An Advanced Steering Wheel Sensor
    ring, and the hub. The spring and ring provide a mechanical link between the steering shaft and the sensor. The detector housing assembly contains the reverse polarity protection diode, wave forming capacitors, EMI filtering capacitors, the current limiting resistor for the LED, and the opto ASIC
  • Handling and Load Precautions when using Reed Switches in various Sensor and Relay Applications (.pdf)
    the seal which. 49. PRECAUTIONS. MEDER electronic. Most commercial wave soldering machines have a facturing facility, can induce a damaging shock to the. preheating section before the PCB or assembly is im-. Reed Switch. Shocks above 200 Gs should be avoid-. mersed into the solder wave