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  • Slotted Waveguide Antenna Application Example
    right/left-handed (CRLH) waveguide and unequally spaced slots [1]. The antenna is fed by a WR-90 waveguide that enters at the bottom of the device. After the input port, a matching transition region modifies the fields for propagation down the CRLH waveguide. The CRLH waveguide has numerous
  • Microwave Nondestructive Testing of Composite Materials using Free-Space Microwave Measurement Techniques
    by appropriate change of mode transitions. The focused antennas are connected to the two ports of the Wiltron 37269B vector network analyzer by using precision coaxial cables, rectangular-to-circular waveguide adapters and coaxial-to-rectangular waveguide adapters. The receive antenna can be rotated from
  • How Thin Can a Microfiber Be and Still Guide Light? (.pdf)
    result in. corresponding evanescent field can be used for sens-. terms of the waveguide theory is as follows. It is as-. ing the ambient medium,6 for trapping atoms,7 and. sumed that in the adiabatic approximation the cou-. for other applications. However, for d /. 1, a negli-. pling between two
  • Magnetostriction: How It Works
    , approximately at 3000 m/s. The position magnet is. attached to whatever is being measured, perhaps a piston in a. Ferromagnetic materials used in magnetostrictive position sensors. cylinder. The waveguide wire is enclosed within a protective cover. are transition metals such as iron, nickel, and cobalt
  • Spectroscopic Diagnostics of an Atmospheric Microwave Plasma
    of the measurements. being made of atomic excitation and molecular rotational temperatures, along with spatial. profiles. II. Microwave Plasma. The microwave plasma is sustained inside a shorted section of WR284 waveguide. that is tapered down to inside dimensions of 72.1 x 34.0 mm. A cross-sectional view
  • Optical Microfibers: Fundamentals and Applications (.pdf)
    Kuhlmey, E. C. Magi, M. J. Steel, P. Domachuk, C.L. Smith, and B.J. Eggleton, “Tapered photonic crystal fibres: properties, characterisation and applications,” Appl. Phys. B, 81, 377 (2005). 15.) A. W. Snyder and J. D. Love, Optical waveguide theory, (Chapman & Hall, London, 1983). 16.) D. Marcuse
  • Fundamentals of EM waves
    examples: Cassegrain antenna. Slotted antenna. Waveguide horn. The antenna creates a large (D > >) area of electromagnetic field, with nearly uniform phase. The paragraph below was updated February 16, 2009 for clarity: Below are two pairs of field pattern plots of a 1 x 1 foot aperture, at one GHz
  • Quadsplitter Connectors
    . This is solvable with finite-element analysis where mixed mediums are calculable. The high-speed data rates require transmission systems that minimize reflections and can only be achieved through controlled characteristic impedance from source to load. In microwave systems, this is accomplished with waveguide

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